By Dana Ullman MPH

One way to learn about homeopathy is through e-courses that are now available, especially one very popular e-course on Learning to Use a Homeopathic Medicine Kit, which integraties short videos along with an ebook that teaches you which remedy to use AND which provides reference and description of over 300 clinical studies published in the peer-review medical journals.

In addition to learning homeopathy through books and study groups, it is recommended that all those seriously interested in learning about homeopathy attend the various homeopathic conferences and training programs and join all or most of the homeopathic organizations in order to be kept up-to-date on the various educational opportunities.  We recommend that you visit our Links page, and then investigate the various links that these sources lead you!

Whether one chooses to dive deeply into homeopathy or to swim slowly into it, the benefits of this art and science will sink in one way or another and change your understanding of healing.  Once smitten by knowledge of homeopathy, you will find it hard to settle for anything else.