By Dana Ullman MPH


Some people prefer to learn through books, but others prefer to learn by listening to teachers, whether it be in a class or via CD audiotapes.  We provide a very extensive body of audiotapes and CD-audios, including some that have 1, 2, 6, or more units in each set.  To see our complete selection of tapes and CD-audios, click HERE…and make certain to scroll DOWN to check-out the various sub-categories for these excellent lectures/presentations…


For people new to homeopathy, we recommend getting Dana Ullman’s 6 CD/audio introductory set of CD-audios.

The great thing about tapes is that you can hear and re-hear a tape so that you really understand the topic discussed.  Also, considering that many people travel great distances to and from work or to and from visiting friends, listening to audiotapes is a productive way to spend your driving time.

We also have a special e-course that utilizes online videos!