We represent several of the best homeopathic pharmacies in the USA and England.  Although we have a select number of medicines in our office, the vast majority of orders for single-ingredient medicines require that we arrange for a shipment from one or more pharmacies.

Not every pharmacy has every medicine or in every potency.  If you email us your list of medicines along with the list of potencies you want, we can tell  you whether we need to get them from one or more than one pharmacy.  If you have a specific preference for a small, medium, or large-sized bottle, please let us know.

Please also let us know if you have a preferred pharmacy from which you want your medicines.

Single remedies are most easily ordered from us by sending us an email (email@homeopathic.com) or by calling us at (510-649-0294).  OR mail (Homeopathic Educational Services, 812 Camelia St. Ste. C., Berkeley, CA 94710).

Another EASY way to order SINGLE INGREDIENT MEDICINES is to convey your billing address to us along with your credit card number.  Once we have your credit card number on file, you can simply email us which medicines you want.  Ideally, if you have a specific homeopathic pharmacy from which you want us to get these medicines, THAT is helpful, though if you don’t give us your choice, we will select which pharmacy is best for you based on what you want.  We get medicines from Hahnemann Labs, Boiron, Ohm Pharma, I&E Organics, and Helios.

It is best to convey your credit card details via phone…OR from previous order.

Phone orders under $20 in medicines receive a $2 service charge). Shipping of single medicines in the US are separate from and in addition to other products and books from our website: $12.50 for most orders in the USA.

Hahnemann Labs’ medicines:  The shipping costs in the US for their medicines are: $10.00 for Priority Mail; $11 for UPS Ground Shipment.

Delivery varies on where YOU are and WHICH pharmacy’s medicines you want. Boiron’s and Hahnemann’s medicines will be sent from the west coast.

We can arrange to send you some difficult-to-get homeopathic medicines from Helios (in the UK). There is a $18 shipping fee for most orders, except for orders of greater than 20 medicines (email us to inquire about their prices for these larger orders). Most medicines from Helios cost $18 for a four gram bottle of pellets (email us to inquire about other sizes or for liquid potencies).

Allow for 2-6 days for delivery of orders to the coast of the U.S. on which you live and 7-10 days for delivery for orders to the opposite coast of the U.S. Next-day, 2nd day, or 3rd day UPS is available for additional charges. There are separate shipping charges if medicines are ordered from the different companies. Shipping costs for medicines from these companies are separate and additional to shipping costs for all other products. Shipping costs outside the U.S. vary greatly. Email us if you have any questions about shipping costs.

We recommend using credit cards for such purchases. Homeopathic potencies in the 200, 1m, 10m, 50m, and CM should only be used by those with a professional level of knowledge of homeopathy.

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