200C Remedy Kit — Back-ordered!


This Kit contains 50 (Wow!) remedies in 200C potency in half dram


The homeopathic pharmacy that makes this kit has NOT been able to supply ANY kit since December 2020…and they initially estimated available in February, and then April, then July, then October…and now they are estimating availability in MARCH, 2022!  HOWEVER,  NEW orders for this kit may have to wait until SUMMER 2022 due to the high number of back-orders that have accumulated.

We still have plenty of the Helios 30C kit with 36 remedies HERE  (the Basic Kit) and HERE (the Travel Kit).  

We also have the Boiron kit with 30C remedies AND larger bottles HERE

Also (!), we are beginning to import these new 30C kits of 60 remedies (!) and in larger bottles HERE.  We expect a shipment of this NEW kit by December, 2021.


This Kit is a GREAT deal! You get 50 Remedies, all in 200C potency! Perfect to keep around the house for those times when you need a remedy right away. Each remedy comes in a half dram bottle in pellet size #15. This kit is great for traveling because it is so small! It is 5.5 inches long (13.97 centimeters), 3 inches wide (7.62 cm), and 1.625 inches tall (4.1148 cm). This item is drop shipped from the manufacturer. Shipping cost within the USA $10.00; Shipping costs outside of the USA is $35.00.


Aconitum Nap
Allium Cepa
Antimon Tart
Apis Mel
Argentum Nit
Arnica Montana
Arsenicum Alb
Bryonia Alba
Calcarea Carb
Calcarea Phos
Calendula Off
Carbo Vegetabilis
Caulophyllum Thal
Cinchona Off
Cocculus Ind
Coffea Cruda
Euphrasia Off
Ferrum Phos
Gelsemium Semp
Hepar Sulph Calc
Hypericum Perf
Ignatia Amara
Kali Bich
Lachesis Mutus
Ledum Pal
Lycopodium Clav
Magnesia Phos
Merc Viv
Natrum Mur
Nux Vomica
Phytolacca Dec
Rhus Tox
Ruta Grav
Spongia Tosta
Symphytum Off
Thuja Occidentalis


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