A Heritage of Homeopathic Literature by JULIAN WINSTON


Julian Winston


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Written by the editor of HOMEOPATHY TODAY, the magazine of the National Center for Homeopathy, this book is the most comprehensive review ever written on almost every homeopathic book and journals published.


The last full bibliography of Homeopathic Books in the English Language was written by T. L. Bradford in 1892. It missed many of our classic works– all the work of Kent, Boger, Close, Case, Roberts, and much of the English published works of Burnett and Clarke.An update (1892-1925) was attempted by Cordasco in 1991, but it omitted so many books as to be almost useless.

“The Heritage of Homoeopathic Literature” is an abbreviated bibliography of over 900 of the best and the worst of homeopathic literature from 1810 to 2000. The book presents the work by category (Materia Medica, Repertory, Domestic Manuals, etc.) and in chronological order. Each entry contains the date, title, author, publisher, and number of pages. Most of the entries contain expanded detailed descriptions of the contents, and often quotes from contemporary reviews. Many of the
entries also have a personal commentary by the author, placing the book into historical context, or commenting upon its relative value.Included within these commentaries is much information about the development of the book, what contemporary practitioners thought about it, and many historical tid-bits.

With this book, you will now be able to place the exact date of first publication, and that of subsequent editions– no more thinking that E. B. Nash is contemporary because the book was printed by Jain in 1987!

The work contains an index of all the books listed chronologically and an index of all the books listed alphabetically by author.

The book contains a foreword by K-H. Gypser, MD, and an Introduction by Richard Moskowitz, MD– both bibliophiles and posessors of substantial libraries.

In a review of the manuscript, author Dana Ullman, MPH says:

“This book is, without doubt, the most comprehensive review of the homeopathic literature ever published. If you want to know what homeopathic books or journals have been published in English and if you want to know something about them, this is the book to get. No other person could have written such a comprehensive book other than Julian Winston. And best of all, you can be confident that he has double and tripled checked every fact. Anyone and everyone who is serious about homeopathy should have this book, and once you have it, you will realize the veritable treasure trove of homeopathic literature that exists.”


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