IMPORTANT MESSAGE: As of May 22, 2020, we will have sent out ALL back-orders of this medicine!  Plus we have a extra bottles that we can send out immediately, plus we have the larger 2-dram bottles.  Please also note that we are finally now more able to answer the phone, except when we’re already serving other customers or patients.  Still, if possible, it is best to communicate with us via email (, though call us if you need to!


To clarify, the source of this medicine is from a respected homeopathic pharmacy that sells only to professional homeopaths.  They obtained the original source material from the sputum of 13 Chinese patients.

We are no longer limiting customers to five bottles.  Please note that a one-dram bottle has 140 pellets, with 2-3 pellets per dose, and most people use a single dose per two or three months.


Shipping costs within the USA are limited to $8.50 per shipment…whether you order 1 or multiple bottles.  If you order multiple medicines, we will assume that you want them all sent together…and because certain remedies will not be sent for several weeks, you may want us to send you whatever medicines we have in stock now.  If so, you can request in the NOTES section of your order that you want us to ship ahead the medicines we have…there will be a $6.00 additional shipping charge per shipment.  If you are ordering other “single ingredient homeopathic medicines” that we must obtain from another homeopathic pharmacy, we can ship these medicines ahead, and there is a separate shipping charge for this.

If you are outside of the USA, please note that shipping any remedy in any number is not cheap.  Priority Mail International will cost $42.60 (and this includes insurance) or First Class will cost between $17.50 and $21.50 (not insurable) depending on the country (Canada is a bit cheaper).  YOU can expedite your order IF you tell us which method of shipping you prefer in the COMMENTS section of the order process.


China nosode 2019.  One dram bottle (140 pellets).  200C potency

Manufactured by a respected American homeopathic pharmacy who has received third party authentication.

We are not allowed to provide “indications for use,” though a homeoprophylaxis protocol will be provided with each order.

A limited number of TWO dram bottles are available for $48.00 (to order this larger bottle, order this ONE dram bottle and place a note in the order processing process to request a 2-dram bottle).  If you prefer a TWO-DRAM bottle, simply make a note about this in the “Comments” section of your order.  We will then send this larger bottle to you and charge the slightly higher amount.

Shipping costs for medicines that we have in stock are only $8.50 within the USA.  The exception is when a customer wants a single remedy that must be obtained from a homeopathic pharmacy.  You’re welcome to email us to inquire what is and isn’t in stock…