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Clinical Focus Guide to Homeopathic Remedies by LOUIS KLEIN, RSHom


Louis Klein, RSHom


If you are not familiar with Louis Klein, he is widely recognized as one of North America’s leading teachers of homeopathy! He is particularly well loved for this depth and breadth of common and little known medicines.

A new homeopathic materia medica with original and highly usable reference materials.


The Clinical Focus Guide to Homeopathic Remedies is an attempt to articulate 26 years of dense clinical experience in a succinct and easily comprehensible way. The goal of writing this materia medica was to clear away obscuration whilst being original and comprehensive enough that it would be much easier to use each remedy described.

The first volume is only a start with over 29 remedies included. The remedies are mainly new remedies with a few older and larger well known polycrests. Some of the next volumes will be thematically based rather than simply a mix of remedies.

The criteria for selection of remedies for the first volume was that I had to have had a good grasp of the remedy by having some very good cured cases of that remedy. I also wanted the remedy to be one covered in the HMC Course. I selected 2 or 3 remedies from each weekend session so that the book would be a good companion to the HMC Course itself.

Each of these groups of 2 or 3 remedies follows in line with the “thematic” arrangement of each weekend of the HMC Course. This thematic arrangement is a shift from the very first years of the HMC Course. Now each weekend has a theme whether it is based on the source of the remedy, (snakes, milks, area of the periodic table, plant families etc.) or topically based. The sessions still utilize cured cases, video and live cases, advanced methodology, information and discussions.

In this way, I can give excellent case examples of new and old remedies, a sampling of which are included in this book. Many of these cases were taken in front of classes and evaluated by a third party. I have tried to give the course the flavor of a clinical apprenticeship and the book an insight into my personal experience.


“The precious long-anticipated Focus Guide by Lou Klein is the center-piece of my personal study program.”

– Bill Gray M.D. HMC , Author Homeopathy: Science or Myth?

“I felt real joy reading Louis Klein’s new book “Clinical Focus Guide”; the book is the direct experience of one of the world’s great homeopaths.”

– David Kent Warkentin, P.A. President Kent Homeopathic Associates Software

“Clinical Focus Guide finally brings Lou’s special — and perhaps more important, highly practical and useful — knowledge to the entire homeopathic community in written form.”

– Amy L. Lansky, Ph.D., Author: Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy

“Lou’s prescriptions have an unequaled depth and subtlety, his knowledge of remedies is enormous, this book is a must for every homeopath.”

– Jan Scholten M.D.

“Lou’s keen insight and long-life commitment to homeopathy sparkles in every page. This brilliant materia medica is a must have for every homeopath.”

– Mary Grace CCH, HMC

Here’s what the author says about this book in its Preface:

“Many of the books on Materia Medica in the past and even in our current modern period are derived from older traditional sources and are simply reorganizations of the traditional material without the clinical experience of using the remedy in modern times.

At the same time, we have the good fortune of some phenomenal computer programs that effectively give us a bounty of both traditional and new information at our fingertips. As well, communication is fast and effective in our profession through the advent of computers. What an incredible tool for the development of a profession that relies so heavily on information!

Yet, even with this profusion of information there is confusion as to how to sift through it all and determine what is important. Then there remains the task of applying it in a modern context. These activities are all part of the art of homeopathy but they also rely upon the creation of a body of clear information that is easy to grasp.

So it was with these challenges in mind that I decided to start a Materia Medica that would focus on important clinical information yet embrace the whole of the remedy. I wanted to articulate my clinical results in a way that would be helpful for the student and experienced practitioner alike by creating a Materia Medica that would clarify rather than obscure.”


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