Double-Helix Water by DAVID L. GANN and SHUI-YIN LO, PHD


David L. Gann and Shui-yin Lo, PhD


Theoretical physicist Dr. Shui-yin Lo, and his engineering research partner, David Gann, present their groundbreaking research on a previously undiscovered molecular phase of water in their book, Double-Helix Water: Has the 200-Year-Old Mystery of Homeopathy Been Solved?

Fifteen years in the making, this pioneering work is a manual of their research that guides the reader through the duo’s work and how a newly discovered phase of water may be the key to many of the body’s inherent healing properties. The discovery of this particle has begun to unravel the mystery behind the differences between allopathic and homeopathic medicine as we know it.

Dr. Shui-yin Lo received his doctorate in theoretical physics from the prestigious University of Chicago. You can read more about his impressive resume by clicking HERE.

The Foreword to this book was written by C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, a neurosurgeon who founded the American Holistic Medical Association.

Paperback, 316 Pages

ISBN 978-0-578-04252-7


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