Dr Jean-Lionel Bagot, a highly experienced French doctor working in a centre for oncology and palliative medicine, talks about the adjunctive homeopathic treatment of cancer.

1 Video – DVD Length approx. 1 h
The DVD can be played in three languages, English, French, or German.

The aim of supportive homeopathic treatment is mainly to reduce the side effects of cancer treatment, such as tiredness, pain, fear, nausea. Homeopathic remedies are supremely suited to this task since they do not cause undesirable interactions with the drugs used in cancer treatment, as Dr Bagot can confirm from his observations.

The main part of his talk focuses on the key suportive remedies:
– For breast operations and their concomitants such as drainage wounds, lymphadenectomy … (Arnica, Ledum, Radium bromatum, Bellis perennis, Conium, Asterias rubens, Staphysagria, Thiosinaminum, Bryonia, Bovista)

– For the effects of chemotherapy (nausea – Ipecacuanha, Nux vomica, Antimonium crudum; fungal infection – candida; fatigue – Acidum phosphoricum; fissures – Petroleum; nail dystrophy – Antimonium crudum and Graphites; Folliculitis – Rhus toxicodendoron; liver support, anaemia and neutropenia – Medulla ossium; peripheral neuropathy – Nervus)

– For radiotherapy (calendula cream, X-ray / Radium bromatum and Fluoricum acidum as preventative for burns, Causticum)

– For hormone therapy (for Arimidex–Anastrazole / Rhus tox / Sepia – for side effects of Tamoxifen Thuja, for hyperoestrogenism Folliculinum)

Finally he shows with several cases of kidney and liver cancer how hetero-iso-therapy – a combination of potentized medicinal drugs and ordinary homeopathic remedies – can be used to reduce the side effects of chemotherapeutic agents so that patients can avoid having to discontinue a course of otherwise successful cancer treatment …
With this highly practice-oriented presentation, Dr Bagot offers valuable information on the supportive use of homeopathy in oncology in a straightforward and convincing manner.