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Genius of Homeopathy by FRANCIS TREUHERZ, RSHom


–A Collection of 19th Century Writings on Hahnemann and Homeopathy by Francis Treuherz — Foreword by Louis Klein


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Walking into Francis Treuherz’ home in North London is like walking into the long history of homeopathy. Over his lifetime Francis has respectfully collected thousands of homeopathic texts and items that reflect homeopathy’s rich history and profound information. The question for someone not so acquainted with the history of homeopathy is where to start and where to finish, in appropriately selecting reading materials from classical authors and biographers. Not to worry, Francis has done so in this book!

Francis has chosen to highlight many writings that are most relevant to the current conflict in which homeopathy is embroiled. He highlights the early period when Hahnemann attempted to turn the tide of hundreds of years of medicine using treatments via opposites and material perspective, changing that to the use of similars and a vitalist approach. This book emphasises the process by which Hahnemann and followers introduced the core principles of energetic medicine.

As the reader works through the varied biographies a dramatic picture builds up of Hahnemann’s life where we know the outcome but are shown the different roads along which he travelled. It is like the story of the blind men and the elephant. Each writer interprets Hahnemann in his own way, but each with such delight and personal and professional fulfillment, and we may learn from them all.

Francis Treuherz, MA, FSHom, has been practicing homeopathy since 1984 which currently finds him in London and Letchworth, England. He has also been editor of THE HOMEOPATH (the journal of the Society of Homeopaths), has written numerous reviews, articles and letters and has founded the Homeopathy Helpline, a popular homeopathic consultation website that attracts patients from around the world. He is also part of a telephone helpline only available in the UK, open 365 days a year from 9am through midnight at 09065 343404. He is currently (2005) Hon Secretary of the Society of Homeopaths. He used to work in the NHS for 13 years, and supervise undergraduate research students at the University of Westminster BSc in homeopathy. In addition to his vast library, he has a collection of homeopathic artefacts and a great store of anecdotal evidence. Francis is married with two children, who take up most of the rest of his time.


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Foreword vii
Preface ix
About the Author xi
Acknowledgements xiii
Notes of the Text xv
Introduction 1-12
Examples of Hahnemann’s Communications 13-38
The Life Force, Hahnemann’s Method 39-54
Hering’s Preface to Hahnemann’s Chronic Disease 55-66
Prefaces to the British and American Editions of the Organon 67-78
Homeopathic Reminiscenes 79-86
Memorial 87-98
Ecce Medicus 99-138
Hahnemann as a Medical Philospher 139-164
Hahnemann as a Scientist by his Chief Translator 165-196
Hahnemann’s Work and Results 197-220
Clarke on Revolution 221-240
More Commentary from Dudgeon 241-258
The Sycosis of Hahnemann 259-272
The Clarke Memorial Meeting 273-296
The Porcelain Painter’s Son 297-328
Index 329-333


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