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Healing Childhood Ear Infections by DR. MICHAEL SCHMIDT


Dr. Michael A. Schmidt


Ear infections are the #1 reason parents take their child to a doctor. Because parents and physicians are increasingly recognizing that antibiotics are often simply not effective, alternatives are essential. This is the most comprehensive review of both conventional AND alternative treatments for ear infections. Information on alternative treatment includes homeopathic medicine, nutrition, allergy management, acupressure, and herbal remedies.

Ear infections are presently the most common condition for which parents take their children to a physician. Although antibiotics, antihistamines, and ear tubes provide some initial relief, children given these medical treatments tend to experience recurrent ear infections than those children left untreated.

Childhood Ear Infections provides the most comprehensive review presently available of research on conventional medical treatment of ear infections. Citing research from the most respected medical and scientific journals, the author presents strong and sometimes disturbing evidence of the present overuse and abuse of conventional drug and surgical treatments.

Did you know…

** When antibiotics are used at the beginning of an acute middle ear infection, the frequency of recurrent infections may be almost THREE times greater than if antibiotics are not used.

** Antibiotics have been shown not to affect the outcome of acute middle ear infection with regard to pain, fever, hearaing, and healing time.

** Ear drum scarring with membrane thickening has been found to occur in over 40% of children receiving ear tubes compared with zero percent in those not receiving tubes.

This book does not harp on the problems from conventional treatment, for it also provides detailed information on the use of alternative treatments for ear infections. Specific information on nutrition, acupressure, homeopathic medicine, and herbal remedies is given.
The author describes various nutritional strategies in greatest depth, highlighting ways to diagnose nutritional deficiencies, ways to build a child’s immune system, and ways to avoid potential food allergies.

This book provides up-to-date information that is of value to both parents and health care professionals.

In the foreword to this book Dr. Lendon Smith, the famous pediatrician and author of Feed Your Kids Right asserts, “The author has thoroughly researched the field and has carefully separated out the logical from the spurious. The general public should be aware of this book and have it as a ready reference so that the average parent can confront the treating doctor with the published studies.”

Another powerful quote about this book comes from Keith W. Sehnert, M.D., family doctor and author of 10 books on medical self-care, who said, “This is an absolutely remarkable book about kid’s ear infections. It should be required reading in every medical school class in pediatrics and microbiology.”

Other supportive quotes: “Dr. Schmidt’s excellent book is “must” reading for physician and parent alike. The author’s step-by-step approach takes the mystery out of this illness. Not only are the causes of ear infection outlined, but the myths are dispelled with a thorough discussion of prevention and alternative treatments. I highly recommend this book to be on every parent’s bookshelf.”

Edward J. Linkner, M.D., Clinical Instructor, University of Michigan Medical School


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