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Homeopathic Materia Medica Quick Study System (previously $199!)

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“The information on the cards can be used to create lesson plans and quizzes. The system is easy to use, and provides just the right amount of information without overwhelming students.”

Homeopathy Today, June 2008


Quick Study System – 154 Materia Medica Cards with 4 CD’s to listen to whenever and wherever you wish!

*Organized in Affinities
*Themes of each remedy
*Keynotes with additional highlights
*Miasms according to Hahnemann
*Mental, Physical & General Symptoms

Visual – organized by affinity for efficient study with key information on the remedies.

Auditory – in addition to the remedy material, the CD’s include quotes from the masters – Hahnemann, Kent, Morrison, Nash and more to enhance your knowledge!

Organized – miasms, affinities, themes of each remedy, mental, physical, general symptoms and keynotes.
Of course, the authors couldn’t get everything about a remedy on a 5.5” x 4.25” card, but these are excellent summaries that will jog your memory (or send you studying on a deeper level). Printed on card stock for portability, each set includes MP3 mastered CDs, which can be downloaded into your computer and synced with your iPod or iTouch, or played on any MP3 compatible CD player.

Developed by Gwynn Cadwallader, CCH, and Lucy Clark, LMT

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