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Homeopathic Psychiatry


By Liz Lalor


Homeopathic Psychiatry: Understanding the Use and Meaning of the Delusion Rubrics in Case Analysis

“Delusions” are misrepresentations of reality, and Dr. Rajan Sankaran, a world renowned homeopath, considers delusions to often being the most important symptom in determining the best medicine for the patient. Australian homeopath/therapist Liz Lalor has written a model book that explores this single symptom, DELUSION, in real depth and breadth. This book provides truly rich detail a 100+ medicines (a mixture of common and rare remedies!), with much practical insights into primary psychological states of people and the medicines they need. This book will exceed your expectations and provides a significant contribution to modern homeopathic learning…all 850 pages of it!

“Most recently, a young Belgium homeopath asked me how to get more out of the Repertory. I suggested she slowly read through the Delusion rubrics, making sure to understand each one. It is this insight which makes me very happy to endorse this enormous work of Liz Lalor.

The Delusion rubrics are treasures which need to be unlocked. Some homeopaths dismiss them altogether as delusions which are too difficult to rely upon. Liz Lalor has come up with a most interesting concept to not only understand these critical rubrics but to effectively use them in practice.

I am proud that she prefers using out team’s work to do so. When editing the repertory, we have spent much time to remain faithful to the source texts. These efforts are complementary to the wisdom and work, generously explained in Liz’s book. I trust that the reader of Homeopathic Psychiatry will find the repertory to be an even more accurate tool.”

Dr. Frederik Schroyens

Table of Contents

Foreword iii

What is Homeopathic Psychiatry? 1

The Four Requirements of a Delusion Rubric 7

Evidence that the Patient has Notable Inner Conflict and Self-destruction 7
Evidence of a Disproportionate Misinterpretation of Reality 8
Evidence that the Delusional Stance is Maintained because it is Advantageous 11
The ‘Never-well-since-event’ confirming the Primary Psychodynamic Trauma 15

What are the Rubric-categories? 29

Denial 37

Delusion Rubrics in Denial 47

Foresaken 211

Delusion Rubrics in Foresaken 217

Causation 315

Delusion Rubrics in Causation 323

Depression 393

Delusion Rubrics in Depression 397

Resignation 423

Delusion Rubrics in Resignation 431

The Case Companion 493

Agaricus 499

Anacardium 525

Anhalonium 555

Arnica 577

Baryta carbonica 613

Lac humanum 633

Medorrhinum 651

Muriaticum acidum 669

Natrum sulphuricum 695

Sepia 721

Thuja 745

Veratrum album 781

Glossary 805

Bibliography 811

Acknowledgements 813

Endnotes 815


ISBN 978-2-87491-016-6

851 Pages


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