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Homeopathy for Radioactivity by ROSINA SONNENSCHMIDT


Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt — Holistic Prophylaxis and Treatment of Radiation Damage


From the foreword:
“… In view of the radioactive disaster in Japan, which has contaminated the air, earth and water and will force us to cope with the consequences of increased radiation levels over the next few years, we have to do some serious rethinking. We are at a turning point in therapeutic terms. Until now, we thought that cancer had to be fought with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. However, we in Europe now have to confront the phenomenon which Japan has been subject to for sixty years, ever since the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki: cancer, diseases of the blood and immune system and organ degeneration caused by radiation… … This guide deals with useful treatment concepts and preventive measures….”

How do we deal with something which can’t be smelt, seen or heard, which drifts silently around the globe on the wind and which leaves dangerous traces in its wake? We humans created atomic power and now have to cope with the consequences.

In her latest work, the well-known author Rosina Sonnenschmidt describes the prevention and treatment of radiation damage with homeopathy, biochemical tissue salts and naturopathy. She draws on her far-reaching experience in treating radiation damage after radiotherapy and in dealing with Japanese patients.
Sonnenschmidt explains which homeopathic remedies are indicated for anxiety and fear of radiation. She describes how radioactivity affects the body and which organs are particularly sensitive to radiation. She also gives detailed descriptions of the six cardinal remedies for treatment radiation damage, such as Caesium and X-ray, along with other more unusual remedies such as Cisplatinum, Benzinum and Kresolum. She also mentions her experience of successful treatment using the plussing method. Another chapter is devoted to biochemical tissue salts and their potential when treating radiation damage.
Naturopathic measures such as diets incorporating raw juices and enzyme-rich fruits, castor oil and colon cleansing can be extremely effective in treating radiation damage, and the author gives practical descriptions of these. The book is rounded off by easy breathing exercises.

It is a calm book which deliberately avoids inciting panic or fatalism and focuses on the entire range of possibilities available. A highly topical and reassuring work.

“This book on the radioactive contamination currently prevailing in Japan is dedicated to those people who sacrificed their lives to do essential work in the reactors and to the many therapists in the contaminated areas who put their lives at risk to help others. These include not only the unnamed helpers currently working in Japan, but also those who once worked in Tschernobyl (Russia). May we finally replace the nuclear industry’s term “residual risk” with “THE risk” pure and simple, as we are behaving like Goethe’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice who called on the spirits but did not know how to tame and control them.”


Table of Contents
3 Preface
11 Radioactivity and Fear
Homeopathy for Anxiety and Fears of Radioactive Contamination
17 Radiation Contamination and Organ Systems
18 Radiation Contamination of the Skin
20 Radiation Contamination of the Spleen
22 Spleen Remedies
25 Blood Treatment for Severe Radiation Pathologies
27 Damage Due to Increased Radiation Exposure
31 Homeopathic Blood Treatment
31 Six Cardinal Remedies for Blood Treatment
32 Caesium metallicum
33 Uranium nitricum
35 Plutonium nitricum
36 Cobaltum nitricum
37 Radium bromatum
38 X-Ray
39 Additional Remedies for Blood Treatment
39 Cisplatinum
40 Chlorpromazinum
41 Sulfonamidum
42 Streptomycinum
42 Aureomycin
43 Benzinum nitricum
43 Carbo vegetabilis

44 Kresolum
44 Millefolium
44 Crotalus horridus
46 Platinum iodatum
46 Cadmium iodatum
46 Azathioprinum
47 Carbamazepinum
49 Homeopathic Accompanying Therapy and Prophylaxis with Schuessler Salts
52 Ferrum phosphoricum
52 Magnesium phosphoricum
53 Kali phosphoricum
53 Kali sulfuricum
54 Natrium muriaticum
54 Natrium phosphoricum
54 Silicea
55 Manganum sulfuricum
55 Selenium and Zincum sulfuricum
56 Molybdenum and Cobaltum
56 Germanium
59 Naturopathic Blood and Immunity Strengthening
61 Oxygen Supply through Nutrition
73 Measures for Immune Strengthening
77 Immune Strengthening with Rizol Oils
82 Breath as a Source of Health
86 Appendix
86 The Plussing Method with Two Remedies
87 List of Remedies
89 Recommended Reading
90 List of Illustrations and Suppliers
91 Courses
92 Author’s Vita


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