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This medicine is a homeopathic dose of the 4 MOST RECENT STRAINS OF THE INFLUENZA VIRUS. These 4 most recent strains of the flu virus are determined and manufactured by the World Health Organization for the 2021-2022 flu season…and then, it is prepared homeopathically to the 9C potency.


You will receive FIVE single-dose bottles of this product with your order. A common protocol is to dissolve the entire contents of one bottle under the tongue once every week for four weeks, and then, take the last dose one month later.

We also recommend using Thymuline 9C concurrently!  Thymuline is a hormone from the Thymus gland (which is immediately above your heart), and the hormone is known to help your body create T-cell that are so important for fighting viruses, including many in which we encounter during the winter months.

Active Ingredients: Influenzinum 9C


If you want a higher potency of Influenzinum, please simply call or email us at: 510-649-0294 (for orders in the US only!); (pre-payment with a credit card is required).

For the homeopathic treatment of the flu or “influenza-like syndrome,” we highly (!) recommend Oscillococcinum.

For information on scientific studies in the treatment of the flu, go to: Homeopathy and Influenza: Real Research, Real Results

All Natural
No known drug interactions – can be used with Rx and OTC medications


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