Materia Medica of Milk: Collected Articles


Various authors from the journal ”Homeopathic Links”


This is an EXCELLENT book that provides the most detailed information presently available on this body of remedies. Its Table of Contents is below:

The Lacs
A group analytical and signature view Kees Dam, The Netherlands

Lac asinum,The proving of Lac asinum, Jacques Lamothe, France

Lac caninum, I was not allowed to talk about that A case of Lac caninum, Annette Sneevliet, The Netherlands

I am a nothing, I don’t count, A case of Lac caninum, Ananda Zaren, USA

Ailments from sexual abuse in children, Lac caninum, Patricia Le Roux, France

Lac caprinum, Goat boy, A case of Lac caprinum, Joan Scott Lowe, USA

A dream proving confirmed,Lac caprinum,Kees Dam, The Netherlands

A proving of Lac caprinum,Yvonne Lassauw & Kees Dam, The Netherlands

The man with the cloven hooves, A case of Lac caprinum, Joan Scott Lowe, USA

Who stands higher on the ladder,Anne Nidecker, Ireland

Lac defloratum, I do not care to live, A case of Lac defloratum, Manish Panchal, India

Lac defloratum, Frans Vermeulen, Sweden

Lac delphinum, A proving, Nancy Herrick, USA

In danger I feel peace inside! A case of Lac delphinum, Nancy Herrick, USA

Lac equinum, Desire to be of service, A corral of Lac equinum cases, Jessica Jackson, USA

Don’t tell me what to do! A case of Lac equinum, Linda Johnston, USA

Lac felinum, The story of the cat, A proving of Lac felinum, Divya Chhabra, India

The symbol in a remedy as a key factor, A case of Lac felinum, Alize Timmerman, The Netherlands

A caring, capricious creature, Lac felinum, Anne Wirtz, The Netherlands

Lac humanum,To be fed or to feed, Alize Timmerman, The Netherlands

I need my mother, Lac humanum, Patricia Hatherly, Australia

Lac leoninum, I make my own decisions, Two cases of Lac leoninum, Alize Timmerman, The Netherlands

Lac lupinum, Wolf or Lac lupinum, Nancy Herrick, USA

Lac maternum, Lac maternum and Mother Earth, Tinus Smits, The Netherlands

Lac ovis, A remedy picture made by group analysis, Kees Dam, The Netherlands

Lac owleum, Owl’s milk, a wisdom potion, Uta Santos-Konig, Jorg Wichmann and Harry van der Zee

Lac suis (suilinum),Kees Dam, The Netherlands


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