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Natural Baby and Childcare by LAUREN FEDER MD


Lauren Feder, MD



Natural Baby and Childcare: Practical Medical Advice and Holistic Wisdom for Raising Healthy Children from Birth to Adolescence. The Essential parents’ guide to the best conventional and natural medicines for your child. From feeding to healing, clothing to washing, raising children naturally can be a daunting task – unless you know how. Natural Baby and Childcare shows you how to complement conventional therapy with natural treatments such as homeopathic and herbal medicine; how to bathe your child without using damaging chemicals; and how to find healthy, organic food for your baby. As a physician and a mom, Dr. Lauren Feder skillfully bridges the divide between medicine and motherhood, empowering parents to personalize traditional child-rearing practices to their own child.

Natural Baby and childcare answers common questions such as: Do homeopathic medicines have any side effects? What alternatives are there to wasteful or harmful baby products, such as plastic diapers and chemical-laden diaper creams? Can vaccines cause autism or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?

In addition to shedding light on controversial topics such as antibiotic overuse and vaccination, Dr. Feder offers a complete A to Z guide to treating common childhood conditions naturally and a handy directory of easy-to-use natural medicines and home remedies. With information for children from birth to adolescence, Natural Baby and Childcare is a comprehensive, intelligent, practical, and reassuring guide to raising healthy and happy children.

Lauren Feder, M.D., is a nationally recognized physician who specializes in homeopathic medicine. Affiliated with the Natural Center for Homeopathy, Holistic Pediatric Association, and La Leche League, she is a frequent lecturer for parents and professionals and has been seen nationally on various health-oriented television programs and heard on radio stations throughout the United States. She has written for Homeopathy Today and Mothering Magazine and has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Alternative Medicine Digest, DiscoveryHealth.com, an many other publications and websites.

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