New World Veterinary Repertory by RICHARD PITCAIRN, DVM, PhD, and WENDY F. JENSEN, DVM


By Richard H. Pitcairn / Wendy F. Jensen


New World Veterinary Repertory

By Richard H. Pitcairn / Wendy F. Jensen


A modern homeopathic repertory adapted for animal patients, based on Boger-Boenninghausen’s Repertory, with valuable additions from Kent and many others


The very first repertory designed exclusively for veterinary use. Of the more than 110 repertories published over the last two centuries*, this is the first that has been carefully constructed to be of special application to veterinary practice. Until now, veterinarians practicing the homeopathy of Hahnemann have used the repertories designed for human beings – Kent’s, Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook, Boger edition of Boenninghausen’s repertory, The Synthetic Repertory, etc. These are excellent repertories for human use but can be a challenge to veterinarians for two reasons.
1. They contain large amounts of information, such as sensations, types of pains, and specific locations, that only humans can communicate.
2. Some of the most common non-human conditions are either minimally presented or completely absent from existing repertories.


Veterinarians Richard Pitcairn and Wendy Jensen, together with over 55 years’ experience in exclusively homeopathic practices, bring their knowledge of animal conditions and the correspondingly most applicable rubrics to this unparalleled reference work. The Boenninghausen repertory, edited by Boger, was the foundation for the work because of its emphasis on physical conditions and its skillful use of modalities and concomitants that are so necessary in veterinary work. After editing out the non-applicable material, rubrics especially helpful in animal cases were added or enlarged – primarily from Kent’s repertory, but also from other sources including Jahr, Boger, Allen, Hering and Boericke. Extensive cross references were also added to make the discovery of the most similar rubric much easier than ever before.

This work, the first of its type, will greatly enhance every homeopathic veterinarian’s satisfaction and success in practice.



Preface by Richard Pitcairn… vii

Preface by Wendy Jensen…xix

Instructions for Using the Repertory…xxi




Expanded Chapter List (with 1st level rubrics) …xxix



Head… 33

Head, Internal… 33

Head, External…44

Eyes… 53


Ears… 81



Face… 109

Mouth… 129

Teeth… 149

External Throat and Neck… 161

Stomach… 169

Abdomen… 197

Rectum… 229

Stool… 235

Urinary… 265

Urine… 281


Male… 301


Larynx and Trachea… 327

Respiration… 333


Expectoration… 367

Chest… 375

Heart and Circulation… 393



Extremities, Anterior…417

Extremities, Posterior… 461

Sleep… 497

Chill, Cold… 513

Fever, Heat… 527

Perspiration… 545

Skin… 551

Generalities… 599


List of Abbreviations…721

About the Authors…731


776 pages, hardback
weight: 3.2 Lbs.


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