The Alternative – Your Family’s Guide to Wellness By Elena Upton, Ph.D.


Volume 1 First Aid & Common Conditions


The Alternative – Your Family’s Guide to Wellness

Volume 1 First Aid & Common Conditions

By Elena Upton, Ph.D.


“Elena Upton has written a wonderfully practical guidebook to using homeopathic medicines for 100+ common ailments. She also takes this book several steps further by adding practical recommendations from other select natural treatments such as Gemmotherapy & Trace Mineral Therapy, to name a few.”

Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH


THE ALTERNATIVE, Your Family’s Guide to Wellness, Volume I, takes you on a journey to quickly understand and utilize the most well-known and accepted methods of natural, holistic, alternative medicines available today. It’s your handy reference manual to readily find complementary methods of treating hundreds of First-Aid and Common Conditions for you and your loved ones of all ages.  This book goes beyond what most homeopathic books do by also including information on how to use various less known but highly respected natural treatments, including the use of gemmos (the flowering buds of plants, which are often the most healing part of an herb!), various trace minerals, and select “super herbs.”

You’ll learn how to get to the bottom of issues rather than masking symptoms. Without having to make one appointment, you’ll learn the secrets holistic practitioners use to choosing the appropriate homeopathic remedies, supplements, and other little-known therapies. All this packaged in a simple, easy-to-understand format that gives you power over your health choices.The information is straightforward, and many conditions are presented as, easy to read, illustrated ‘cheat-sheets. This is your opportunity to learn the benefits of alternative, holistic medicine; take control of your healthcare, get to the bottom of what’s ailing you, and learn the options available to you. Inside this book, you’ll discover:


  • Insights to little-known therapies•Solutions for achieving a new level of health
  • Illustrated, easy-to-understand reference charts•Protocols rarely revealedThe Following Is a Taste Of What You’ll Get:•Help with emergency situations at your fingertips•Common conditions misunderstood and undiagnosed
  • How to resolve nagging digestive issues
  • Treat children’s illnesses safely & efficiently•Clear acne without harmful drugs
  • The truth about parasites•Understanding pH and why it’s important•How to naturally repair cartilage
  • How to fix gum disease•Break the cycle of chronic allergies•Glide through women’s issues & menopause•Stop chronic sinus infections•Get rid of embarrassing cold sores•Non-drug based treatments for depression
  • Answers for insomnia•How to get pain relief•Improve varicose veins AND MUCH MORE…


Paperback, 323 pages

ISBN 9780972641777


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