The Child’s World: New Approaches to the Treatment of Children by LINDA JOHNSTON, MD


Linda Johnston, MD, D-Ht.



The author, Linda Johnston, MD, is a leading teacher of homeopathy and integrates classical homeopathy with the new teachings of Rajan Sankaran in practical manner. Dr. Johnston has made yearly trips to Europe and/or India to continue to learn the newest developments in homeopathy, and she is a popular teacher of homeopathy on several continents in the world.

Generations of homeopaths have successfully treated children using the traditional approaches of materia medica, repertory, keynotes and classification into children types. As successful as these methods have been, there have always been some cases that were not helped. As a result new ideas and advances have taken place to expand our skills and knowledge for better results.

Homeopathic prescribing is undergoing a tremendous evolution due to the recent advent of ideas such as the grouping of remedies into families, connecting a child’s remedy to the mother’s during pregnancy and understanding how the remedy source is expressed through the patient’s symptoms, called source-based prescribing. These advances are also having a positive impact of the treatment of children. The Child’s World elaborates on the ways the new ideas in homeopathy can benefit children.

About the author

Dr Linda Johnston has been a active member of the homeopathic community worldwide since the inception of her homeopathic practice in 1986. After completing her medical training from the University of Washington, USA in 1979, she had one further year in family medicine. She started her own private medical practice in 1981. Linda began her homeopathic training in 1986, and began practicing the same year. Linda’s main focus has always been her clinical practice of homeopathy, which she continues to this day.

Contributing to the homeopathic community through writing and teaching are both important to Linda. From 1991 – 1996, she developed and taught a two-year homeopathy curriculum in 4 different US cities to train licensed medical practitioners. She is also a well-known teacher internationally.

Author of numerous articles for homeopathy journals, Linda is also the author of Additions to the Homeopathic Repertory from Kent’s lectures on Homeopathic Materia Medica (Christine Kent Agency, 1990) as well as a popular book for the general public, Everyday Miracles: Homeopathy in Action (Christine Kent Agency, 1991). Since her debut public lecture in 1987, she has made hundreds of radio, television appearances, in addition to print media interviews educating the public about homeopathy.

Linda’s current projects include a book on the treatment of children using the new techniques in homeopathy. Additionally, she is co-authoring, with her husband Frans Vermeulen, a comprehensive work on plants and plant families.


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