Tonigem: Gemmotherapy Tonic Complex


A complex of 4 bud and young shoot extracts in 15ml bottle


The Giant Redwood (Sequoia), a tree that can live for centuries, can have a revitalizing effect on the whole body. In this complex, the bud extracts of Black Currant, Rosemary and Oak act in synergy to produce a potent tonic, useful in combating tiredness and somnolence. It can also effectively combat depression without addictive side effects.

Ingredients: Sequoia gigantea (Giant Redwood) and Rosmarinus off. (Rosemary) young shoots, Ribes nigrum (Black Currant) and Quercus robur (Oak) buds.

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Gemmotherapy is a revolutionary discipline in the natural health field.  While most herbs are made from a mixture of roots, stems, leaves, and flowers, “gemmos” are only made from the buds and young shoots of a plant…and are thus made of embryonic tissues and enclose all the properties and energy of the future plant.


Homeopathic medicines are a type of “energy medicine,” while gemmos are nutritional due to the crude doses of the plant AND are energetic due to the use of the emerging bud/flower of the plant.  These buds/flowers are a type of “plant stem cell” that provide cleansing effects and healing influences.


Gathered in the spring at a key stage of their natural growth cycle, buds and young shoots are freshly prepared and put in maceration in a solution of water, alcohol and glycerin to extract all their active principles. Gemmotherapy was discovered in the sixties by a Belgian doctor and then further developed by HerbalGem’s founder and other European doctors. Buds and young shoots enclose all the genetic information of the future plant.

In addition to containing vitamins, oligoelements, and minerals, buds and young shoots are richer in nucleic acids and growth hormones than other plant tissues.  They also contain other active substances, such as auxins and gibberellins, which start to disappear after a plant reaches a certain point in its growth.


All HerbalGem’s gemmotherapy products are in concentrated form, and so only a small daily dose is sufficient. The concentrate has several advantages over the usual, glycerinated macerate at a D1 dilution (i.e. when the macerate has been diluted ten-fold) in that:

— Full of the energy and therapeutic properties of the buds.

— Prepared only with freshly picked buds, which are wild crafted from forests (all certified organic) or come from organic farms.

— Under strict control conditions, HerbalGem manages all the steps of production, from harvest to final product preparation (all produced in their own laboratory).

— The quantity of alcohol and glycerin ingested is ten times less.


A meticulous selection of all plants used in preparation of HerbalGem’s products, together with the strict quality control procedures enforced at each stage of preparation and our experience of over 20 years in the field of gemmotherapy, ensure optimum quality and efficacy of all extracts. We only use freshly picked buds, stabilized at the time of collection to ensure that no vitamins, minerals, natural plant hormones or nucleic acids are lost. The buds are collected directly from forests and organic farming by our dedicated team or by specially trained collectors. All products are prepared in our laboratory following strict HACCP regulations.

In order to ensure the quality of our products and to further develop new blends of plants, HerbalGem has invested in an important gemmotherapy research program, in association with the University of Liège, and various independent and recognized research laboratories. The founder of HerbalGem, Philippe Andrianne, regularly holds seminars and organizes conferences on gemmotherapy. He is the author of the book on gemmotherapy “La Gemmothérapie: La médecine des bourgeons”, which collects together in one volume the most important research on the subject.


We advise that gemmotherapy remedies be taken between meals, 2-3 times a day. To achieve an optimum result, place the drops directly on or under the tongue and hold the macerate in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it. The drops may also be taken diluted in a little water or mixed with honey. In general, the doses are as follows:

Adults and children over 12 years old:

Depending on the patient and the problem being treated, 5-10 drops daily are recommended.  To start with, 5 drops should be taken; this dose can be increased by one drop daily to reach a maximum of 15-20 drops daily, until the required and stable result is acquired. The dosage is then maintained for the remainder of the treatment period.

Breastfeeding mothers can take the dose, which will thus pass to the baby, or the 1-3 drops daily recommended could be placed in the baby’s bottle. All our remedies are naturally efficient and without any known counter-indications.

Pregnant women should avoid taking bud extracts which are known to have a hormonal effect, i.e. Rubus idaeus (Raspberry), Vaccinium myrtillus (Bilberry), Sequoia gigantea (Giant Redwood) and Quercus robur (Oak). The length of the treatment depends on the problem and the gemmotherapy remedy used. Normally we recommend that treatment be continued for three months. The treatment should last for minimum three-weeks and can be repeated several times, allowing for example a treatment-free week between each course.

CHILDREN UNDER 12: The daily dose is 3-8 drops, depending on the problem being treated or as a prophylaxis.  Take 3 drops to start with, then increase by one drop daily until the desired result is obtained. Breastfeeding mothers can take the dose, which will thus pass to the baby, or the 1-3 drops daily recommended could be placed in the baby’s bottle.

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