Traumatic Head Injury Pellets


Temporary relief for general symptoms related to Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Traumatic Head Injury Pellets

This special homeopathic medicine requires a prescription from a practicing homeopath. The price of this remedy includes an up to 5-minute phone, Skype, or email consultation with our homeopath.

According to homeopathic principles, the ingredients in this formula provide temporary relief for general symptoms related to Traumatic Head Injury, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Ingredients and Indications:

Arnica montana HPUS 6x, 18x: Diplopia, Depression, Brain Fog, Anxiety, Vertigo, Headache with obscured vision, Hemorrhages.

Carbo veg HPUS 11x, 18x: Asthenopia, Floaters, Confusion, Irritability, Low vitality, Tinnitus. Head injury or conditions that affect mental funtions.

Causticum HPUS 6x, 18x: Weakness, loss of muscular strength and problems of ocular muscles, lids, vocal chords, swallowing, etc.

Hypericum HPUS 8x, 18x: Depression following injury, effects of shock and fright. Nerve sensitivity. Excessive painfulness. Injury to nerves, Relieves pain after operations, nerve pain, tingling, burning and numbness. Brain and back injuries.

Natrum sulph HPUS 7x, 18x: Mental and physical troubles from head injury such as headache, photophobia, vision problems, dimness and/or confused sight.

Sulphur HPUS 8x, 18x: As a fundamental cellular element, homeopathic Sulphur is used to restore homeostasis after disruption from drugs and surgery.

Inactive Ingredients: Lactose/sucrose pellets

Directions: Dissolve three pellets under tongue three times per day or as directed by a doctor.

1oz pellets


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