Our Matching Low Price Policy

Homeopathic Educational Services (HES) works hard to grow homeopathy. This is not simply our business. Since 1972, our owner, Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH, has been promoting and growing homeopathy as his personal mission. In that process, he has author 10 books, published 40+ books by world-class homeopaths, organized the annual conference sponsored by the National Center for Homeopathy for 10 years, and tirelessly engaged in numerous projects that have helped homeopathy gain national and international prominence.

HES will consider matching the retail price of other homeopathic and natural medicine websites if you send us an email (email@homeopathic.com) to tell us what price that other site sells the product.

Distinct from sites like amazon.com, we can be reached by phone to which a customer, like yourself, can ask questions to us while placing an order, and because of this, it is unfair to us to match their prices. However, if this is the only way in which you will purchase a product from us, please ask us to match their prices. To do so, do not call to ask us. All correspondence must be their email.  We will ALL we can to serve YOU!

Vote with your pocketbook by supporting companies like HES that are working for you and others to grow homeopathy!