Phone or Skype Homeopathic Consultation

and Your Questions Answered Personally

by Dana Ullman, M.P.H., C.C.H.

Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH (MPH = Masters in Public Health, U.C. Berkeley;  CCH = Certified in Classical Homeopathy) has authored 10 books on homeopathy and is one of America’s leading advocates for homeopathy, and he has authored chapters on homeopathic medicine in three medical textbooks. He has served on advisory boards of alternative medicine institutes at Harvard and Columbia (you can learn more about him at this link; see About Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH).

Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH, provides phone and email consultation OR he can provide a personalized referral to leading homeopaths in North America (and often in many other countries in the world). There is a $45 fee for a 10-minute conversation, and there is a $40 additional fee for each 10 minutes.  Call or email to make an appointment for this conversation, or if you want, everything can be done online. You will need to provide us with a Visa or MasterCard for payment.  Dana is now able to accept “Wellness Cards” (credit cards sometimes given to employees for “health services”).

Dana Ullman provides homeopathic treatment via phone, Skype, and in our Berkeley office!  You will need to phone or email us ( to set-up an appointment.  Please clarify if you prefer an in-office or on-telephone or Skype appointment.

Dana Ullman provides personalized and individualized homeopathic treatment for people with a wide variety of acute and chronic health problems.  He regularly treats infants and children with either physical or psychological challenges, from chronic ear infections to various ADD/ADHD or autistic spectrum problems (Dana’s book on Homeopathic Medicines for Children and Infants was published in 1991).  Dana also treats people with a wide variety of pain syndromes, including people with fibromyalgia and arthritic disorders, shingles or sciatica, and headaches (Dana co-authored a chapter in a leading conventional medical textbook on pain management, called “Weiner’s Pain Management”).  Dana also treats people in various stages of cancer (Dana was the lead author written with three medical doctor a chapter on homeopathy and cancer care in a textbook published by Oxford University Press called “Integrative Oncology”).  Dana provide “adjunctive health care” that is in addition to whatever other health or medical care the person is receiving (many of his patients use an integration of conventional and homeopathic medicines).

Generally, the first consultation leading to an individually-selected medicine based on a person’s family history, his/her own health history, and totality of physical and psychological symptoms and characteristics takes one-hour, costing $245.00.  Follow-ups are usually 10 minutes to 40 minutes (or $45 to $165), with follow-ups vary depending upon the complexity of a person’s health…and some follow-ups will require more than 40 minutes.

Also, if you have questions about homeopathy, specific homeopathic medicines, the care that you have received from a homeopath, how to best learn homeopathy, what homeopathic research exists, or many other subjects in this field, you may benefit from a personal consultation with Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH. Call or email us to set up a phone appointment. An email conversation is also possible, but this tends to require more time than an interactive discussion.

Dana Ullman practices a modern version of classical homeopathy.  He usually prescribes one homeopathic medicine at a time that seeks to strengthen a person’s overall constitution, though, at times, he may prescribe the use of more than one remedy as a way to increase the chances of the person experiencing a beneficial response to an urgent health concern.