Wholesale and Bulk Orders

Whether you are a verified re-seller or an individual who orders multiple numbers of books, we can provide some special discounts to you!

If you are a “verified re-seller” of books, tapes, or medicine*, you may be able to receive special discounts on select products that we sell. There is no minimum order for verified re-sellers. Individuals or practitioners must order 5 or more of a book in order to get our special discounts.

We offer a 33% discount on the 30+ homeopathic books that we have published (to individuals or practitioners who are not “verified re-sellers,” we can give you a 30% discount on these books when 5 or more of a single book is purchased in an order). If you click on the BOOKS category, you will see this list of these books.

Our owner, Dana Ullman, MPH, authored several of the books listed here, and we provide a special 30% discount on them.

We offer a 10-20% discount on most other books. If you email us and let us know which books you want and in what quantity, we can inform you of the best discounts we provide for each book.

We assume that payment for wholesale orders or bulk orders will be made with a check drawn from a U.S. bank. If you choose to pay with a credit card, our discount to you is reduced by 3%.

* A “verified re-seller” is a company with a storefront such as a bookstore, health food store, pharmacy, or other retail establishment. You will need to apply for our special designation by sending us via fax, mail, or email:

  • a re-seller’s permit
  • 3 references to other wholesale accounts
  • a Xerox of a company check
  • your email address

Please note that health and medical professionals can obtain a 30% discount on the books that we have published when 5 or more of a single title are purchased. Many homeopaths and other health professionals purchase these books from us in bulk for sale to their patients.

Because we offer these special discounts as a service to those who plan to re-sell these books, our discounts are only for re-sale items, not for personal use. We reserve the right to determine if a retailer falls into our definition of a “verified re-seller.”

Our shipping costs for wholesale orders is different than that posted on the web or in our catalog. The shipping costs are based on the actual shipping costs plus minor handling fees.

Getting on Account with Us

If you are a “verified re-seller” and you want to order items from us and have 30 days to pay for these items, send us the above 4 items. Expect to hear from us within a couple of days before placing your order, though your first order must be pre-paid.

Payment for Wholesale Orders

If you are “on account” with us, we provide a 30-day period for you to pay for your order with a check drawn from a U.S. bank.

If you wish to pay with a credit card for a wholesale order, we deduct 3% from the wholesale discount for U.S. orders and 4% for orders from other countries.

We reserve the right to charge 1.5% monthly interest plus a $15 service fee on past-due accounts.