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Beginner’s Homeopathic Kit [#1] — 30 Large Bottles + Over $260 worth of medicines!

$268.50 $140.19

$268.50 worth of medicines at over 50% off!


The Hyland’s Remedy Chest is a good place to start! 30 medicines in 30x potency (all in large 250-tab bottles!). $268.50 worth of medicines! Unbeatable Price! Comes with an extra bottle of Arnica.

NOTE:  Other homeopathic medicine kits sold at other websites may seem cheaper UNTIL you realize that they are contain 1/2 gram bottles, while THIS kit contains over 10 times more medicines in them!

Contents: (Please note that ALL homeopathic medicines are listed by the LATIN name in order to be precise on the plant, mineral, or animals medicine is needed…all  homeopathic guidebooks teach you the “common name” for each medicine (we highly recommend getting a homeopathic guidebook to teach you how to use the remedies and/or taking an e-course on this subject.

Aconitum nap. 30x, Allium cepa 30x, Antimonium tart. 30x, Apis mel. 30x, Arnica mont. 30x, Arsenicum album 30x, Belladonna 30x, Bryonia alba 30x, Calcarea phos 30x, Cantharis 30x, Carbo veg. 30x, Chamomilla 30x, Ferrum phos. 30x, Gelsemium semp. 30x, Hepar sulph 30x, hypericum perf 30x, Ignatia amara 30x, Ipecacuanha 30x, Ledum pal 30x, Magnesia phos 30x, Mercurius vivus 30x, Nux vomica 30x, Phosphorus 30x, Pulsatilla 30x, Rhus tox 30x, Ruta grav. 30x, Spongia tosta 30x, Sulphur 30x, Veratrum album 30x.


NOTE: Standard has stopped making the 6x potency for this kit and will only be making the 30X potency kits from now on.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that people get one or more of the “homeopathic guidebooks” so that you will learn how to USE this kit most effectively.  See the list of “Related Products” below.  We also recommend that you add “External Applications” to your kit because there are none that are a part of any medicine kit.  Ideally, it is best to take our e-course in Learning to Use a Homeopathic Medicine Kit, a multi-media e-course that utilizes short videos and a detailed ebook that teaches you which remedy to use for over 80 ailments and that provides reference to over 300 clinical studies published in peer-review medical journals.

This kit is 10 inches long (24.5 centimeters), 5 inches wide (12.25 cm), and 5 inches tall (12.25 cm).  Shipping costs for this kit to countries outside of the U.S.A. is $70.00 plus $3.00 insurance.


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