This is a short (only 112 pages) and excellent introduction to homeopathy by one of the leader modern educators on homeopathy.
This is a great gift book to someone who may be new to homeopathy. It also includes a short section on research, making this book good for skeptics too.

From the back cover:
This easy-to-use guide to homeopathy and its uses provides answers to frequently asked questions as well as the science an history behind the treatment. You’ll learn how to find a practitioner and what a session might be like. you’ll learn self-diognosis and self-treatment for such ailments as digestive troubles, colds, or headaches. Rather than simply masking those symptoms, homeopathy addresses the causes of these illnesses, and strives to heal the whole person.

“Essential Homeopathy is a clear, concise introduction to homeopathy that will inform both the general public and non-homeopathic health care professionals. It fills a need for a brief overview that includes historical, philisophical, and scientific issues as well as basic practical applications.”
-Iris R. Bell, M.D., Ph.D., director of research, Program in Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine