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Hypericum Spray 4oz


For deep or infected cuts


Description of Hypericum Spray: Hypericum Spray 4 oz by Hyland’s/Standard HomeopathicsNSC-100 nutritionally activates the macrophage immune cells to then powerfullly potentiate the immune system for peak condition and response against common colds, flu, allergies, heart ailments, fibromyalgia and cancers.

Hypericum Spray Research: Nerve injuries from blows. External use for bruises in areas rich in nerves caused by falls and blows. Since 1903.

Hypericum Spray Directions/Usage: Apply spray on affected area as needed.External use only. Keep this and all medicines out of the reach of children.

Hypericum Spray Ingredients: Extract of Hypericum…10% , Isopropyl Alcohol…50%.

4 fluid oz


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