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Soul and Survival: The Common Human Experience by GRANT BENTLEY


Grant Bentley


Written by a respected Australian homeopath who has developed a sophisticated system to analyze facial characteristics as a way to determine which of the seven miasms the person is experiencing.

Soul & Survival describes how individuals survive and prosper within a group. Soul & Survival is a contemporary view of Hahnemann’s miasms. The Soul & The Survival InstinctEveryone has a soul and an instinct to survive. Our soul is immortal, rational and conscious, while our survival instinct ensures our material needs are met. The combination of our soul and survival instinct gives us our personality and character. By understanding these two separate aspects of ourselves, we gain a deeper appreciation of who we are as a whole. Our survival instinct is responsible for immunity, nervous response, emotions and facial structure. Our face is vital for social survival because it conveys to others what we feel and the needs we require. Our face is designed for others to see, not for us to see. Soul & Survival links facial features to instinctive character traits. Soul & Survival is written for practitioners, students and patients. It does not contain any homœopathic jargon. As well as explaining miasms in line with universal principles, it is aimed at encouraging patients to become curious about the laws that homœopathy is based on. The book was inspired by patients who wanted to know why and how so much about their lives and individual stress responses could be understood through facial analysis. The use of facial analysis has encouraged patients to come to the clinic. Soul & Survival is written to inspire a new way of looking at homœopathy. Soul & Survival covers

What a miasm is (survival instinct)
How it differs from the soul
How to balance both survival instinct and soul
How the survival instinct has developed
Energy and motion in humans, substance and time
The role of energy in health
Life themes in patients
Four protective mechanisms – immune system, nervous system, emotions and facial structure
The seven survival instincts – detailed including types and examples
Epidemics and social change in survival instinct cycles

Soul & Survival helps both practitioners to know their patients, and patients to know themselves at a deep level.

This book also asks and answers:

Why do similar groups of people share the same desires?
Why are your responses to stress predictable?
Why do you attract similar types of people toward you?
Why do similar circumstances keep repeating in your life?

The answer lies in knowing the difference between your soul and your survival instinct.

The soul is your rational mind, the ability to think and create.
The survival instinct is your protective reaction to stress.
Contentment means balancing soul and survival.
Traditional roles explain the type of survival instinct within you.

Your face is the connection between your inner and outer world.

More than a thousand people shared their stories and stress reactions and this information was matched to their facial structure. The outcome was astounding. It showed a deep link between facial structure, stress and the repeating patterns of life.

Soul and Survival is a new and unique way to gain simple answers to the complexities of life.

Soul and Survival provides a free on-line facial analysis program to help you find the survival group you belong to.


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