The Actinides in Homeopathy by PATRICIA LE ROUX, MD


Uranium, Plutonium and other Radioactive Substances of the Uranium Series By Patricia Le Roux


The Actinides in Homeopathy: Uranium, Plutonium and other Radioactive Substances of the Uranium Series

Radioactive substances have so far received little attention in homeopathy. The well-known pediatrician Patricia Le Roux did trailblazing research into the use of these remedies, which are so important for the times we now live in.

With only a few words she is able to reach the heart of the “Actinides”. The impressive case histories demonstrate her successful use of these new remedies.

Patients of the Uranium series have great potential energy but are simultaneously threatened by disintegration and destruction. Their lives often feature drastic experiences such as suicide or severe illness in the family, or catastrophes such as earthquakes or nuclear accidents. At the same time these patients display remarkable intuition. The children are precocious and mature beyond their years.

The case histories extend from eczema, loss of voice, and asthma through rheumatic illness and seizures to depression, hyperactivity (ADHD), and chronic vomiting after trauma. Remedies such as Neptunium nitricum, Plutonium muriaticum and Americium nitricum are prescribed to good effect.

Patricia Le Roux died tragically in an accident shortly before the publication of what may yet prove to be her most important work. With this book she has left behind a milestone for homeopathy.

“I can recommend this book to all homeopaths. It shows that the Uranium series is much more common than one would think at first. We can be thankful to Patricia Le Roux for making the pictures more precise, more alive and thus, easier to apply. This book is a very nice guide for the Actinides.”

-Jan Scholten


Table of Contents

For a Day’s Exercise on the Earth vi
Author’s Note viii
Forward iv
Introduction 1-2
Uranium Series and Actinides 3
Classification According to the Periodic Table 4-6
Classification According to Themes 7-12
Elements from Francium to Californium 13-14
Francium 15-16
Radium 17-18
Radium bromatum 19-24
Radium iodatum 25-27
Actinium 28-29
Actinium nitricum 30-32
Thorium 33-36
Thorium oxydatum 37-39
Thorium nitricum 40-42
Thorium muriaticum 43-46

Protactinium 47-50
Uranium 51-55
Uranium oxydatum 56-58
Uranium nitricum 59-62
Uranium muriaticum 63-66
Neptunium 67-69
Neptunium nitricum 70-73
Neptunium muriaticum 74-77
Plutonium 78-83
Plutonium nitricum 84-87
Plutonium muriaticum 88-91
Americium 92-93
Americium nitricum 94-96
Americium muriaticum 97-99
Curium 100-101
Curium nitricum 102-104
Curium muriaticum 105-108
Berkelium 109-110
Californium 111-112
Californium nitricum 113-115
Californium muriaticum 116-120
Elements Beyond Californium 121-122
Einsteinium 123-124
Fermium 125-126
Mendelevium 127-128
Nobelium 129-130
Lawrencium 131-132
Conclusion 133-134
Appendix 135
Bibliography 135
Remedy Sources 136
Remedy Index 137
Imprint 138
General Index 139-142


ISBN 9783941706644

149 pages


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