The Essential Synthesis by FREDERIK SCHROYENS


Frederick Schroyens, MD



This edition of Synthesis is a reduced version that contains what some people consider to be the comprehensive repertory of CONFIRMED symptoms (see below for details).

Orders for this book require a “special order status” which means that it is not returnable once we order it from our European distributor.


This book includes:

— Kent’s Treasures; personal annotations contained in Kent’s own repertory, including 11,368 additions and corrections, plus 333 hand-written additions that Kent added to his own copy of Hering’s Guiding Symptoms.

— For the first time in printed form, a chapter of VETERINARY information; symptoms, remedies of veterinary origin, and a list of veterinary concepts leading to related symptoms.

From the Book

Easy to Read = Easy to Use.
Users of the Synthesis Repertory in software form value its different “views” of the repertory.

This repertory also contains an “Essential View” – a precisely focused selection from the full repertory that include only the proven essentials – To achieve this, the Essential View is built with strict criteria:

–No theoretical approaches
–No dream or meditation provings
–No very recent provings
–No information that is not yet confirmed in the clinic
Up until now, one needed a computer to access this essential core of the repertory, Now one can use the Essential View in book form.

Much thought and care has gone into creating the physical book itself.

The book has a practical cut out thumb index.
For easy reading, the font sizes are one size larger than in the Synthesis 9.1 book.

The page layouts were worked and reworked to achieve the best use of space, resulting in a lighter, more portable reference.



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