By Dana Ullman MPH,CCH

Homeopathy (formerly called “British Homoeopathic Journal”)

Click HERE to subscribe or for up-to-date information about this journal  (published quarterly); editorial offices: Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine, Great Ormond St., London, WC1N 3HR, ENGLAND)–$186/yr subscriptions (published quarterly) –probably one of the best journals for practicing homeopaths; –contains numerous articles on clinical practice, materia medica, book reviews, and research.

American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine (formerly Journal of the American Institute of Homoeopathy)

Click HERE to subscribe or for up-to-date information about this journal (published quarterly).  $65/year for digital subscription;  $150 for digital and print editions (1585 Glencoe, Denver, CO. 80220–$45/yr. ($55 for outside U.S.)/ quarterly. –a journal primarily for health professionals; –has similar articles as the BHJ, but overall isn’t as good and doesn’t have much research.

Homeopathy Today

Click HERE to subscribe or for more information on this bi-monthly magazine. (published by the National Center for Homoeopathy, 101 South Whiting St, #16, Alexandria, VA 22304))–$55 for NCH membership in the USA; $75 for foreign membership (subscription is a member benefit; published 6 times a year) –an excellent newsletter that discusses American homeopathy, news from the National Center, upcoming events, and interesting articles.

The Homoeopath: The Journal of the Society of Homoeopaths

Click HERE to subscribe or for more information. –48 pounds/year for people in the UK or Europe; 69 pounds/year for the rest of the world ; VISA/MasterCard accepted) –an excellent publication for practitioners but not too technical –always have good, practical and interesting philosophical articles

Health and Homoeopathy

Click HERE to subscribe or for more information.  25 pounds/yr (published quarterly) –this glossy magazine style publication is directed primarily towards laypeople; –includes many personal statements about homeopathy and homeopathic successes and has info about homeopathy in England.

Homeopathic Links

Click HERE to subscribe or for more information.  Published quarterly –a superb and sophisticated journal of classical homeopathy.  $90.00 for subscriptions sent to the USA  or Canada.

Homoeopathic Heritage

Click HERE to subscribe or for more information.  Published quarterly.  Some modern articles mixed in with republication of classic articles published from master homeopaths in the distant past.

Additional Notes

Many medical school libraries carry new and old homeopathic journals. Some medical schools are treasure houses of this literature. Make certain to check the “closed stacks” de partments of these libraries. Some of the good old journals are The Homoeopathic Recorder, The Medical Advance, The North American Journal of Homoeopathy, and The Homoeopathic Physician.

We also encourage you to join homeopathic organizations. You will not only be supporting the growth of homeopathy, but you will get their newsletters that will inform you of many important events, training programs, and general homeopathic news.