By Dana Ullman MPH


Homeopathy is PERFECT for the computer era!  The incredible mass of information about the thousands of homeopathic medicines can easily to stored and access through various sophisticated and yet simple software programs.

We have some expert system software programs for learning to homeopathic repertories and materia medica in order to determine which remedy to prescribe.

  • RADAR OPUS.  More homeopaths in this world use RADAR OPUS than any other program in the world.  You can choose one of FOUR levels, each with increasing sources of repertories and materia medica…and with additional “bells and whistles” that help make your prescribing of homeopathic medicines more precise!
  • MacRepertory
  • Hompath Software (This software is an truly excellent learning tool and resource for people who are serious students or practitioners of homeopathy.  This “package” of CD-ROMs are beautifully designed and FULL of good information and insights about homeopathic medicines and homeopathic methodology.  Because this software was developed in India and your support for using this program will derive from India, you can this software at a cheaper price (you get a lot of “bang” for your buck with this software).

To be honest however, these introductory software programs do not hold a candle to the truly impressive expert system programs that are now available.  These programs will improve the accuracy of prescribing homeopathic medicines, and they will even increase the speed in which practitioners can prescribe the correct remedy.

The first thing that you need to know about the three leading professional-level programs that we sell is that there is no “bad” program here.they are all EXCELLENT.  Also, each of these programs are continually updated and made even better.

We generally recommend that you consider getting a repertory program first, and then, get a program that includes the various materia medica.  Generally, get the most sophisticated program that you can afford, but don’t fret because you can usually upgrade for the simple cost difference between what you spent and what the price of the new program is.

Please note that we often have special SALES on these programs, and because we represent each of the manufacturers, we honor whatever sales that they have.

  • MacRepertory

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