Did you know that the wonder drug, aspirin, went off patent in 1917, making it a super cheap drug?  Then, when the flu pandemic hit in 1918, some experts claimed that this “wonder drug” will save us because it is not only a magnificent painkiller but it is effective in suppressing fevers.  In fact, the AMA and the Surgeon General encouraged people with the flu to take 25 aspirin tablets per day (any doctor who would prescribe this many aspirin tablets a day for the flu would be held criminally liable!).  Is it any wonder that so many people with the flu died as a result of “lung hemorrhaging”?

Aspirin is well-known to cause bleeding in the stomach, but when a person has a respiratory infection, bleeding in the lungs is known to occur.  Worst of all, fever is an important and vital defense against viral infection.  The American medical mindset is to assume that virtually whatever symptoms the body experiences can and should be treated with drugs that suppress or inhibit that symptom.  This total disrespect for that doctor inside each and every one of us is profound.  And needless to say, the AMA has never apologized for these very serious medical errors.

Although most doctors today know that they should use aspirin sparingly in viral infection, but here’s where they instead use other fever-suppressing drugs, including ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin), naproxen (Aleve), or acetaminophen (Tylenol).  Would you be surprised to learn that ibuprofen and naproxen are known to cause blood-clots?  The details of this common occurrence is provided in this article (just click on the name of the article to go to it!).

Lessons from the Flu Epidemic of 1918: The Dangers of Using Fever Suppressing Drugs for Viral Infections is the newest article that Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH has written.  It was just published on May 5, 2021, at the website of the California chapter of the Children’s Health Defense, the organization created by Robert Kennedy, Jr.  After Kennedy helped to create the Natural Resources Defense Council and worked as one of their lead attorneys for 25 years, he created Riverkeeper and the Waterkeepers Alliance which have done more to clean-up rivers in America than any other organization.
In 2018, he and his team of lawyers won a $289 million judgment against Monsanto for their glyphosate product (Roundup).
In this 21st century he has created what may be the most important health organizations in the country, the Children’s Health Defense.  Although BIg Media hates Robert Kennedy, Jr., this is simply because Kennedy is the biggest threat to BIg Media’s largest advertiser, Big Pharma.  Robert Kennedy, Jr. is the smartest and bravest of all of the Kennedys.  And if you give yourself a chance to review his website and the regular impressive volumes of highly referenced writings drawn from the most respected medical and scientific journals in the world.
Because Robert Kennedy is such a threat, Big Pharma has worked well behind the scenes to block his vitally important work on various social media platforms.  When you consider how much misinformation that the mainstream media regularly spews, it is shocking that they seek to mute those voices that verify this fear-mongering narrative.  Therefore, we ask you to send the link to this article about the 1918 flu pandemic to others. 
For the record, people who sought homeopathic treatment for influenza in 1918 almost never died from the flu.  Whereas the death rate in conventional medical hospitals in the U.S. were around 29%, the death rate in the homeopathic hospitals was only 1.2%.  For more details about this homeopathic treatment, click here!