Mission 5000: A drive to enable proficiency and expertise in 5,000 homeopaths

Mission 5000: #IStandUpForHomeopathy

A unique program empowered by Enlightenment education with a vision to improve the face of Homeopathy and Homeopaths on National and International stage. It focuses on abolishing all the doubts and concerns regarding Homeopathic treatment. Even being second most practiced system of treatment across the universe many Homeopaths themselves lack the trust when it comes to acute or critical cases. Without any age discrimination this program aims to entitle every Homeopath with power of true healing abilities of Homeopathy.

Backed by 90+ accomplished Homeopaths of International recognition this program covers almost every aspect of learning essential to homeopath.

108 sessions

160+ hours of learning

90+ eminent speakers

10 months of vigorous sessions

2 webinar per week

Each session of 90-120 minutes

HD quality video

Lifetime access to captivating videos

From July 4, 2021 to April 10, 2022  (ALL webinars can be accessed AFTER their initial LIVE presentation)


With goal to transform lives and career of 5000 Homeopaths into prosperity, clinical & monetary success with finesse this program aims to turn all your dreams into reality.

So if, you wish to be a reputed & trusted doctor with good and stable income, busy practice and global recognition; this program is for you! If, you desire to practice in other countries but have many doubts, this program certainly guides you! If, you have interests in research, writing books, lecturing, new remedies; this program is where you should be!

Make all your dreams and passion come true! This program is your motivator, guide and torch bearer into world of success! Join now and be on your route to success.

Outstanding features of program-


Whatever be your years of experience, either you are student or professional, young or old; you can be equally benefitted from this program.

Here is a quick look into some intriguing topics covered in webinars database-

  • How A Homeopath Can Get Its First 100 Patients, First 1000 Patients and First 10000 Patients
  • How to Develop Entrepreneurial Quality and become Global Practitioner
  • How to Be Financially Stable in Homoeopathic Practice
  • How To Launch Your Own Brand/ Products
  • How to Grow and Safeguard Your Wealth
  • How to Continue Earning Even When on A Vacation
  • How to Keep Up with The Changing Global Scenario
  • How to Integrate Social Media and Technology for Growth and Promotion In Your Practice (2/3 sessions)

Here are some brilliant expertise fields which will get attention in webinar sessions-

  • Music, Homeopathy and Healing
  • Psychotherapy and Homeopathy
  • Acupuncture and Homeopathy
  • Graphology and Homeopathy
  • Hypnotherapy and Homeopathy
  • Addiction and Homeopathy (Substance Abuse & Homeopathy)
  • Gemmology and Homoeopathy
  • Flower Remedies and Homoeopathy
  • Art Therapy
  • Drama Therapy
  • Cosmetology and Homoeopathy
  • Facial Diagnosis and Homoeopathy
  • Trichology (Hair) and Homoeopathy
  • Body Language and Homoeopathy
  • Veterinary Medicine and Homoeopathy
  • Vaastu and Homoeopathy
  • Treatment of Plants & fishes with Homoeopathy

Not only this, you get much other practice oriented sessions, clinical tips and so much more….

Some of the internationally recognized speakers of webinars-

Dr Jawahar shah

Jeremy Sherr, RSHom

Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH

Dr BT Rudresh

Dr Petr Hoffmann………….and the list continues

Here we present some heartfelt reviews from Homeopaths who are awestruck with the brilliancy of the program-


“The cases presented are great, presentation well done and they have great Q/A sessions”- Cindy Jorif-Zayas

Join hands NOW for #Istand upforHomeopathy

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