Blank Pellets (#25 or #35/40) 1 pound [#QBLANK]


One pound of the #25 or #35-40 sized pellets


Made with 100% organic cane sugar.  One pound per bottle.

For those people who want the “blank pellets” that are the size between the  poppy seed size and the tapioca sized pellets, request #25 pellet.

For people who want a larger pellet, request #35-40 (our distributor sometimes has the #35 pellet” and sometimes the #40 pellet” (they are very similar in size and are larger than the #25 pellet).

People who don’t provide specific instruction will be sent #25 pellet.

We arrange to have these blank pellets sent to you directly from a homeopathic pharmacy.  The shipping costs of $10.00 (for one pound; for shipments within the mainland US) will be separate from the shipping of other books or medicines.


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