Attention professional homeopaths and other healers interested in learning some conventional medicine!
Are you considering taking the CHC exam and feeling unsure about the conventional medicine portion of the exam?
This course consists of 16 online video lectures of 90 to 120 minutes, each all given by Jacob Mirman, MD, a lively and informative teacher.
Learn about common conventional medical treatments and surgical procedures, laboratory tests, diagnostic categories, and when and where some type of conventional medical diagnosis or treatment is indicated…and when it isn’t.

Here is your answer.

Consider taking this Conventional Medicine course online.

This class was originally presented in person in two homeopathic schools to prepare the students for the CHC exam. We’ve received nothing but praise and as far as we know, everybody who took the exam after the class passed the medical part of the CHC exam!

This is from Amanya Jacobs, former director of ESSH school: “Jacob’s class is very informative, compelling and often humorous. He’s a wonderful teacher.”

The class was taped when it was presented at ESSH school of Homeopathy in Flagstaff, AZ in 1998 and these are the recordings we are offering to you. The materials include 16 videos and just over 100 pages of handouts.
The class covers the human body system by system. We start with normal anatomy and physiology of the particular system, and then discuss diseases affecting this system, including their conventional diagnosis and treatment. Action of drugs is explained, including side effects and possible interference with homeopathic treatment.
Only the most important material is taught, as one can’t teach all of medicine in such a short course. Yet, you will gain knowledge of the conditions all health care professionals should be aware of in order to practice their art professionally and responsibly. Those practitioners and students who have already had the benefit of a pathology course in their school will receive a great refresher, organized in such a way as to help them study for the medical portion of the CHC exam most efficiently. It will also help them tie the knowledge of pathology with real life medical conditions.
Particular attention is given to covering the most important conditions, such as emergencies and other things a CHC examiner may be interested in.
The class is taught using many slides, and they transferred well onto the video. Most of the slides came out of a book that is required for the class* (see below).
The class involves you watching the videos at a time convenient for you in the comfort of your home, followed with the handouts and the books. I am available for questions by phone and email.
If the course is taken by several people at the same time, the answers to particularly important email questions can be distributed to the whole class. You will have small quizzes between the sections, and a final exam at the end. A certificate will be issued to everybody answering at least 70% of the questions on the final correctly.
Passing the final exam makes passing the CHC medical part very likely. As of yet, no failures have been reported.
The cost of the class online is $600. You can also get it on DVDs with printed handouts, all in a binder, sent to you by mail for an extra charge of $50. Once you sign up, you will be provided with a password to the course page.
You will also need the following materials:
The Merck Manual (home edition is fine). The book is also on line here. However, you may find a hard copy easier to use.
* THE HUMAN BODY by Charles Clayman, for sale on Amazon. This is where almost all the slides come from. You’ll be lost without it.
Most drugs are now well covered on Wikipedia and other sites.
To see the first video at no charge click here: