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We at Homeopathic Educational Services are pleased to bring to our customers a new potentially revolutionary product:  DOUBLE HELIX WATER.

DOUBLE HELIX WATER was discovered by Shui-Yin Lo, PhD, a respected theoretical physicist and visiting professor at Cal Tech (California Institute of Technology) who has a long-term special interest in both acupuncture and homeopathy and research partner David L Gann.  Double Helix Water is composed of millions of “stable water clusters” which some new research suggests may help form what acupuncturists describe as our “meridians.”  To learn more about Shui-Yin Lo, PhD (the scientist who made this revolutionary discovery, click here!)

80 servings per bottle.  3 drops = one dose


Dana Ullman, MPH (the owner of Homeopathic Educational Services) attended a special conference on “Water and Health” at the prestigious California Institute of Technology (January 31-February 1, 2013), and he considers the research and experiences with DOUBLE HELIX WATER as compelling, potentially revolutionary, and part of the future of health and healing.

This conference included a highly respected group of researchers, including:

— Benjamin Bonavida, PhD, former acting chair of immunology and microbiology at UCLA, presently still at UCLA and the editor of several scientific journals (and author of several articles on the power of nanodoses)

— Jean Chen Shih, PhD., the Boyd P. and Elise D. Delin Professor at the University of Southern California, and one of the most eminent molecular neuropharmacologists in the world.

— Paul Patterson, PhD, the Anne P. and Benjamin F. Biagginin Professor of Biological Sciences at the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech)

— Anders Nilsson, PhD, chair of the Photon Science Department and deputy director for the Center for Sustainable Energy, at Stanford University

— Gerald Pollack, PhD, professor at the University of Washington and one of the world’s experts on the physics of water.

More details about this conference are available HERE.

A peer review scientific journal has published the papers that were presented at this conference, and you can read the abstracts of each presentation for free HERE, though there is a relatively high cost to read the entire article.


Although DOUBLE HELIX WATER may resemble homeopathic medicine in some ways, it is important to clarify that it is NOT a homeopathic medicine.  Officially, it is simply considered “water,” though emerging research is suggesting that it may have benefits to living organisms that go way beyond simple water.

Below is a summary of what is presently known about DOUBLE HELIX WATER.  We invite you to explore this product, and we hope that you will provide FEEDBACK to us on what you experience from it.  The below information covers:

  • — The Meridian System
  • — Health and Well-being
  • — FAQs about Double Helix Water
  • — Recommended Uses
  • — Testimonials




In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Meridian System is based on the concept that Qi, or healthy energy, flows throughout the body; allowing the body to heal itself and stay in balance. It is believed that there are 12 main Meridians in the body, each connecting the surface of the body to particular organs and tissues.

When Meridians are blocked or misaligned, Qi cannot flow freely, putting the body out of balance and causing maladies to occur. New insights into Meridians hypothesize that the Meridians are made up of a network of Stable Water Clusters. As Double Helix Water is comprised of Stable Water Clusters, it may help build bridges over misaligned or blocked Meridians, allowing Qi to flow freely once again; triggering the self-healing mechanism and restoring balance back in the body.





Double Helix Water revolutionizes our thinking about all-natural medicine.

As more people look to alternative medicine to bring the body back into balance, new insights into the Meridian System lead many to believe that the body can heal itself when aided with the right tools. Double Helix Water added to your daily regime may help the body to realign itself; improving and maintaining your health and well-being from environmental toxins we encounter each day. Double Helix Water is safe for all ages and causes no adverse reaction with any medication or supplements. The formula is 100% natural and contains no additives or preservatives.

Double Helix Water Live Blood Analysis

These images were sent in to us by a practitioner from Naples Florida, who recently performed a live blood test with Double Helix Water. This is the blood from a 44 year old female who has been in poor health for over 10 years presumably with undetermined immune issues.

The before picture (on the left) shows irregularly shaped red blood cells that are ‘stacked’ together. Also, the white shaded areas in the center of the cells are indications of weak and deflated unhealthy red blood cells. The primary job of red blood cells is to transport oxygen throughout the body. When they can’t float freely, due to being stacked together, they can’t perform this job properly which can result in illness and disease.

The after picture (on the right) was taken just 20 minutes after drinking 3 drops of Double Helix Water diluted in Distilled water. As you can see, the red blood cells have taken on a more consistent round, plump appearance and they are no longer stuck together; they are now moving freely. The white shaded area in the center of the cells which indicate weak and deflated cells have also decreased dramatically.



Historically, physics has always recognized water in 3 phases: liquid (water), solid (ice), and gas (steam). Stable Water Clusters found in Double Helix Water are a previously undiscovered solid phase of water that remains stable at room temperature. Double Helix Water contains millions of these Stable Water Clusters suspended in ultra-pure water which are created by electrical pressure and make up a double helical molecule that has been verified by the use of an Atomic Force Microscope at the California Institute of Technology. The existence of Stable Water Clusters have been peer reviewed and published in the prestigious physics journal, “Physics Letter A” Oct. 2009 and have been the subject of research for over 17 years at major universities worldwide. Research suggests that Stable Water Clusters are triggering the body’s self-healing capabilities at the gene level (to read this article that was published in one of the most respected physics journals in the world, just click on the below image of the journal!).

With Dr. Shui Yin Lo’s research, it has been theorized that Stable Water Clusters are the material basis for the Meridian System and may be one of the precursors to DNA. Dr. Lo believes this infinitesimally small particle of water is part of the first movements of biological life. As one of the basic building blocks of our body’s innate self-repair system, Stable Water Clusters may help bypass blocked or misaligned Meridians and allow Qi, or energy, to flow freely.
Read Physics Letter A here



What research has been done on Double Helix Water?

Fifteen years of research has been done by top professors at major universities around the world about Stable Water Clusters and its effects on the body. Stable Water Clusters are a fundamental discovery in particle physics and have been published in an authoritative peer reviewed physics journal and presented at international academic conferences. It has been found to stimulate the body’s immune response in a double blind study by Prof Benjamin Bonavida (formerly acting chair, Dept of Immunology and Microbiology, UCLA; presently, a professor in that Department), and also by Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph. D. The results are summarized in the book “Double Helix Water” by David L. Gann and Dr. Shui Yin Lo.

If effects of Double Helix Water can be seen in as little as 15 minutes, how long will they last?

Double Helix Water is not a drug nor does it “cure” something; the water is only one of the factors that is needed for the body to heal or recover and works best when taken continuously. The effects can last for several hours to several days, but in the end it is ONLY the body that is doing the healing.

One has to get the body back into balance. The Stable Water Clusters found in Double Helix Water may help the body heal itself.

How is Double Helix Water made?

Double Helix Water is the result of using electrical pressure that surrounds a charged particle to convert ultra-pure water into Stable Water Clusters for commercial use. It believed to be a naturally occurring process that is now manufactured for commercial use, thanks to Double Helix Water. The details are published in Physics Letter A, Oct 2009.

Are there any side effects from taking Double Helix Water?

There are no known side effects, however the detoxification effect of Double Helix Water has caused a very small percentage of people to feel itchy or experience other discomfort from toxins being released from the body.

How is Double Helix Water different from alkaline water, Kangen water, etc. (other waters)?

Double Helix Water is not structured or enhanced water. It is a newly discovered phase of water, called Stable Water Clusters. Stable Water Clusters is the scientific name for a newly discovered particle of water: a solid phase of water that does not melt at room temperature.

Double Helix Water is not intended to replace any water you drink on a regular basis. It comes in a highly concentrated form containing millions of nanometer-sized Stable Water Clusters that have a high polar charge. Double Helix Water is neutral, (pH=7) and is without ions (electrical resistance of 18.2MΩ-cm). Add 3 drops of Double Helix Water to a 8-oz glass of distilled or reverse osmosis water twice a day or more to enjoy maximum benefits, both for hot spots and overall prevention.

How should I store Double Helix Water?
Does it need to be refrigerated?

Double Helix Water does not need to be refrigerated, but should be kept out of direct sunlight.

How long before I can tell if Double Helix Water is working for me?

While some people feel results in a matter of weeks and some feel benefits gradually over several months of taking the water, Double Helix Water is a lifestyle change product. The benefits to the body are best felt over a long period of time and users should take it daily as they would take regular vitamins or supplements.

When and how should I take Double Helix Water?

For best results, we recommend that Double Helix Water be consumed only using distilled or reverse osmosis water.

Can I increase the dosage of Double Helix Water?

Yes, Double Helix Water causes no adverse side effects if taken in larger doses and the benefits will become maximized with increased use.

Where is Double Helix Water manufactured?

Double Helix Water is produced at D&Y Laboratories’ research laboratory in the Midwest. The facility includes a Class 100 Clean Room complete with the latest technology, including an atomic force microscope, the most advanced microscope existing today, and a custom water purification system to help produce the Stable Water Clusters found in Double Helix Water.

* Double Helix Water® does not endorse claims or have scientific proof that Stable Water Clusters are effective in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Stable Water Clusters have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Recommended Usages

Incorporating Double Helix Water into your lifestyle.

Add 3 drops of Double Helix Water to a 8-oz glass of distilled or reverse osmosis water twice a day or more to enjoy maximum benefits, both for helping with hot spots and overall prevention.

Creams Powered by Double Helix Water: 

Double Helix Water Creams are applied topically for localized penetration.

Massage Full Force creams into sore, tired muscles to help provide relief and help speed up the self-healing process following injury or exercise.

Apply Full Spectrum creams day and/or night to help rejuvenate, revive, heal and nourish delicate neck and facial skin.



I also want to give you feedback on my experience during the race using the DHW. On the first two and half days through the California, Arizona and Utah desert, temperatures ranged from 114 degree high’s to 40 degree low’s. The desert is always a major obstacle for many of the riders and is usually the place where most drop out due to the intense heat and terrain. Even while crossing Kansas, the temperatures were 108-110 degrees. Working on little to no sleep for the 3,000 + mile crossing also presents more stress for the body to deal with. My protocol for using DHW was to take 4 bottles on the first two days then 3 bottles per day for the remaining 6 days. I am pleased to report that I never experienced sore muscles or cramps of any kind during the 8 plus days of effort!

I have used double helix water for many years to help with inflammation and speeding up the recovery process, always with exceptional results! I highly recommend DHW to my clients and will continue to use it for myself!


Decreased Swelling and Reduced Pain

My 92 year old mother had severe swelling in both feet and legs along with excruciating pain in her right hip. I gave her the Double Helix Water and massaged her legs, feet, and hip with the rosemary cream. We were amazed to see how the swelling had gone down and the pain was greatly relieved after only a few applications!


Reduced Pain from Hip Problem

My husband had pain in his hip and I massaged some cream into his hip and right away he said “It works”. Needless to say, we’re fans of the Double Helix Water and Creams!


Long Term Use of Double Helix Water Shows Amazing Results

I have been on the Double Helix Water for 5 months now and I wanted to give you feedback from my Kinesiologist. Based on muscle testing, she said that I have no electromagnetic distortion in any fields! After seeing the results, she is now extremely interested in learning more about the Double Helix Water!


Relief from Past Sport Related Injuries

I used to be an active martial artist, fighter, stunt man and all around athlete. My body was in such pain from the many years of abuse that it has gone through. It got so bad that it was even hard to simply get out of bed from the amount of pain I had been in. I had tried everything from prescriptions, to herbal remedies and acupuncture, to meditation, eastern and western medicines but nothing seemed to help with the pain. One day my friend had received a bottle of Double Helix Water on his birthday from someone, and rather than take it himself, he gave it to me. I started taking it twice a day and I can’t deny its results, about 90% of all my aches and pain were gone! I highly recommend this to everyone. This is the first time I’ve said that about any product.


Increased Endurance, Stamina and Concentration

I work out two times a day and since taking Double Helix Water for the past 12 weeks, I no longer experience muscle soreness or fatigue; just increased endurance, stamina, strength. My concentration and awareness have risen to a much higher level. Double Helix Water has been a great addition to my already healthy regime and I am very happy to have been introduced to this wonderful product.


General Well Being

I have been taking Double Helix Water for over a month, and I’ve noticed an improvement in my general health and feel much better.


Pain Relief and Recovery from Sports-Related Injuries

As a professional tennis player for most of my life, I have developed aches and pains throughout my body, particularly in my knees, from many years spent running on hard courts. Now that I use Double Helix Water Full Force Sports Cream alongside Double Helix Water, I recover faster, the pain in my knees is gone, and I’ve gained flexibility. Double Helix Water has become a part of my daily routine and I feel fantastic.


New Sense of Vitality and Easier Breathing

I’ve struggled with fibromyalgia in the past as well as bouts of pneumonia. After taking Double Helix Water for just three weeks, my massage therapist that I have seen regularly for many years asked me what I had been doing differently, because the quality of my muscles was so much better! I am breathing much easier, have a new sense of vitality and feel fantastic.

Dr. Teresa Quinlin

Quicker Recovery from Heavy Weightlifting

I’ve had sciatica pain in my lower back on-and-off for years from a ruptured disc due to lifting heavy weights as part of my strength training program. Until I discovered Double Helix Water, the aches in my back from my sciatic nerve would last anywhere from 6 weeks up to several months, forcing me to take a break from weight lifting. Now that I’ve been taking high doses of Double Helix Water and using the cream on my lower back, I’ve noticed that the sciatica pain clears up in just a few days! Now, I’m stronger than ever because I can be consistent with my strength training routine!


Quicker Post Surgery Healing

A few years ago, I had major surgery and the recovery period was extremely painful and long. For weeks I was unable to move. I had to have the same surgery again this year, and I was dreading the painful healing process. However, this time I took an entire bottle of Double Helix Water each day beginning the same day as my surgery, and within four days of my operation I was able to move around and even return back to work! The difference in recovery between my first and second operation is incredible!





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