Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions Sleep Aid Oral Drops 2 fl oz. (60ml)

Dr. Garber’s products use GEMMOTHERAPY.  “Gemmo” refers to the special and sophisticated usage of the bud (the flower) and the “emerging bud” of plant, both of which contain “plant stem cells” and other powerful herbal ingredients!

Tired of tossing and turning? Sick of lying awake staring at the ceiling? This natural sleep aid is designed to help relieve symptoms of sleeplessness and other sleep issues, recharge your energy levels, and rejuvenate your brain and body with a nourishing and relaxing deep sleep. Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions Sleep Aid Oral Drops aids in relaxation, eases stress and promotes sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed and renewed!

Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions assist in bringing the body back to a state of health naturally through biotherapy formulas so you can feel better, live better, and heal different. Our products stimulate the body’s ability to restore itself by triggering the body’s defenses using natural substances like plants and minerals. They do this through potentization, which is a process that enhances the healing properties of these substances.

Organic, pure Ingredient extract sedative for sleeplessness, headaches, restlessness, fatigue, calm

Unique Proprietary Ingredients and Powerful Benefits

Dr. Garber’s products use GEMMOTHERAPY.  “Gemmo” refers to the special and sophisticated usage of the bud (the flower) and the “emerging bud” of plant, both of which contain “plant stem cells” and other powerful herbal ingredients!

  • English Hawthorn – Traditionally used for heart problems, the Hawthorn bud possesses both the calming properties of the flower for cardiac rhythm and tension and the tonic influence of the fruit on the heart muscle. It is also known as a sedative of the central nervous system which causes a calming effect. This helps you fall asleep faster while improving the quality of your sleep.
  • Fig Tree Buds – Responsible for balancing the nervous system, exerts a soothing action in case of stress, and helps to regulate the excessive thoughts that keeps us overstimulated which causes you to overthink and stay up all night.
  • Lime Tree Buds – A mild sedative and antispasmodic, Lime Tree Buds are often used for their ability to soothe the nervous system. It has been shown to reduce stress, alleviate headaches, and help with restlessness—especially in case of stress. People who suffer from nervous fatigue, sleeplessness, and stress experience calmness when this extract is ingested.
  • Rhodonite – Rhodonite is a metamorphic stone which has healing properties for stress, stimulates your immune defenses, and promotes blood circulation. It also has a calming effect that supports better sleep quality.
  • Bulbinum extract Potentized – Homeopathically prepared ingredient that down regulates mid-brain function where overstimulation inhibits sleep.


Biotherapies ingredient: gemmotherapy, lithotherapy, organotherapy extract mineral rich plant powder

All of Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions formulas contain a combination of three types of ingredients known as biotherapies, namely Gemmotherapy, Lithotherapy, and Organotherapy. Gemmotherapy uses extracts made from the buds and other actively growing parts of plants that stimulate and optimize cell function much like stem-cell therapy. Lithotherapy uses mineral-rich rocks reduced to a fine powder and bioenergetically enhanced that allows for immediate absorption and optimization of mineral balance within the cells. Lithotherapy remedies assimilate specific minerals, depending on what rock is used, at the cellular level where they act as catalysts for enzymatic reactions to drive cell metabolism. Lastly, Organotherapy uses homeopathically prepared healthy glands and other tissue which activates, restores and balances the normal function of the immune system. Organotherapy works to normalize the function of the corresponding organ/gland/tissue by either up-regulating, balancing or down-regulating.

Holistic health through natural biotherapy, homeopathy formula to support whole body mind wellness

Holistic Health Through Biotherapy

Dr. Stuart H. Garber, D.C., Ph.D., AVCA, has been practicing holistic medicine since 1981. He has lectured to the general public, medical, dental, chiropractic, acupuncture and veterinary groups in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. In 1997, Dr. Garber became the first person in the United States to receive a Ph.D. degree in Homeopathy. He is Past-President of the California Homeopathic Medical Society and sits on the boards of several other organizations. Dr. Garber is also certified in animal chiropractic by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

Presently residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife, the artist Helen K. Garber and their three horses and three dogs, Dr. Garber maintains a private practice, teaches, writes, and also conducts research in dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies.

He is the developer of Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions and Maxwell Pet by Dr. Garber’s wherein his unique lines of biotherapy formulas safely and effectively address many of the most common conditions for humans and their animal companions while producing no harmful side effects.