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Dana Ullman, MPH




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If you have ANY interest in learning how to use homeopathic medicines for common “family medicine” health problems (of a non-life-threatening nature) AND if you want to know about clinical research on homeopathic medicine, this eBook is the best, most comprehensive, and up-to-date resource for you.  This ebook provides reference to and description of over 200 (!) clinical trials testing the efficacy of homeopathic medicine that were published in peer-review journals.  Each of these studies are listed under the specific ailment that was being tested, thereby enabling the reader to find whatever studies exist for each disease (studies with “positive” AND “negative” outcomes are described, and there is often discussion about why certain studies had seemingly “negative” results).

This eBook is indeed a very practical resource!

THIS PRINTED EDITION of the eBook is over 700 pages (!) of single-spaced information and is packed with practical information for both practitioners and patients…and it is not bound.
Practitioners and advocates of homeopathy NEED this body of information in order to educate others about the body of scientific evidence that presently exists for homeopathy…
Please note that THIS one-time download of the eBook does not grant you a 2-year subscription to the ongoing updates on homeopathy and homeopathic research.  For just a small additional cost ($20.00), you can purchase the 2-year subscription…email us to request this!
You will find that there is a much greater body of research evaluating homeopathic treatment than you may presently realize. You will also see how we have systematically organized this research along with practical clinical information:
  • We begin each ailment with an “Bottomline” statement that summarizes what research exists, how amenable this condition is to homeopathic treatment by those who are not professional homeopaths, and if the person with this condition should seek professional homeopathic care.
  • We then discuss the homeopathic understanding of and approach to treating people with this ailment.
  • We discuss what homeopathic research exists in treating people with this condition.
  • We list and describe the most important homeopathic medicines to first consider in treating people with this condition and then other important remedies to consider.
  • We provide basic dose and potency information.
  • We provide reference information to studies cited as well as referral to other homeopathic books that discuss the treatment of this condition.

Book Review from April, 2004, edition of HOMEOPATHY TODAY, the bi-monthly magazine of the National Center for Homeopathy (www.homeopathic.org)

Evidence Based Homeopathic Family Medicine” by Dana Ullman, MPH

Published by Homeopathic Educational Services, Electronic download from www.homeopathic.com,  (and regularly updated), $89.95 for one-time download/$99.95 for 2-year subscription. A printout of the e-book is also available.

Reviewed by Todd Rowe, MD, MD(H), DHt, CCH, RSHom(NA)

Recently, I was interviewed by a national magazine on the topic of allergies. They asked many questions about research, and although I could supply them with some references, most were out of date. So I turned to Dana Ullman’s new e-book, Evidence Based Homeopathic Family Medicine, and was able to quickly give the writer the information he needed.

Two weeks later, a new patient’s father requested information about the efficacy of homeopathy in the treatment of ear infections (otitis media). His daughter had recurrent ear infections and he was interested in using homeopathy, but was resistant without some evidence of homeopathy’s efficacy. Once again I used this e-book and was able to provide up-to-date information on research in this area.

I have found Evidence Based Homeopathic Family Medicine to be an invaluable tool in my practice. There are a surprising number of clinical studies that have been conducted using homeopathic medicines–many more than we often realize. With the growing desire in the allopathic community for “evidence-based medicine,” this e-book fills a much-needed gap.

This is a book that needed to be written, but was impractical in a standard book format; research changes quickly, making it difficult for any book to stay current. Modern computer technology allows regular and immediate updating of this e-book. Readers may buy either a single download of the book or a 2-year subscription. It comes as a pdf-Acrobat file, which is easily readable in both PC and Mac formats.

The book is divided into three sections. The first is about 25 pages and provides a solid overview of homeopathy–a useful tool to help explain homeopathy to others.

The bulk of the book is in the second section–about 200 pages. It begins with a brief description of dose and potency. This is followed by more than 100 acute and chronic conditions in alphabetical order. For each condition, the author provides:

  • • A “bottom-line” statement that summarizes what research exists on this condition, how amenable this condition is to homeopathic self-care, and whether it is advisable to seek professional homeopathic care.
  • • A discussion of the homeopathic approach to treating people with this condition.
  • • A listing of clinical trials (both positive and negative) that have been conducted using homeopathic medicines for this condition.
  • • A listing of the most common remedies and their indications for this condition.
  • • Dose and potency information.
  • • A list of other homeopathic books and literature that discuss the treatment of this condition.

The last part of the book is a twelve-page reference section. Here, medicines are listed with their common (vs. Latin) names, and there is a listing of resources, such as homeopathic organizations and books. There is also a list of when each condition section was last updated.

My biggest concern when I first received this book was that it would be difficult to use. I am not particularly facile with computer books and have found them clumsy. However, I did not find that to be the case with this e-book. Generally, I found it quite easy to get around and to use. There are bookmarks provided on the left side of each page, and options for rapid scrolling down with the scroll bar and clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the page. Print is easily adjusted to any size that best fits the reader. Regardless, some readers simply prefer printed books and are not comfortable with computer formatting. For them, a printout of the e-book is now available.

Generally, I am delighted with this e-book and feel it is invaluable. If you want access to the latest homeopathic research, want to treat yourself and your family, and/or want to integrate homeopathic medicines into your clinical practice, I believe you will find this e-book invaluable, too.


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