Give someone a GIFT CERTIFICATE of anything from our store…any book, medicine, medicine kit, audiotape, audio CD, software, e-book, or e-course!  Please note that you will need to email us at to let us know how much you want this Gift Certificate to be.  We will email you a copy of this Gift Certificate.

Giving a Gift Certificate is a great way to give the “gift of homeopathy” without worrying whether your friend or family member or homeopath has the specific book or tape or kit that you think this person may want.

Giving a Gift Certificate is also a great way to support the work of H.E.S. and Dana Ullman who tirelessly work for greater acceptance of homeopathy.  Dana Ullman volunteers MUCH of his time promoting homeopathy in various venues for which he receives little or no renumeration.  Dana speaks at medical schools, universities, and to countless community organizations, and he regularly writes for various publications (online and in print) in a volunteer capacity.

People commonly THANK US for ALL of the work that we do for homeopathy.  Now, here is your chance to give someone a GIFT OF HOMEOPATHY and at the same time supporting the good work and efforts of Dana Ullman!