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Hahnemann Laboratory’s Single Remedies – 50M – 1/2dram*


1/2 dram bottle (pellets)



Our online system allows you to type in the name and the potency of whatever remedy (or remedies) you want.

You can E-mail your order to us directly at email@homeopathic.com if we have your credit card # on file…or you can fill out an order for ONE remedy and then email us a list of your complete order.  When you order ONE remedy, you’ll be able to convey your credit card info and your bill-to and your ship-to address in a secure fashion.

If we have your credit card info on file, you’ll need to email us the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Correct Bill-To and Ship-To Address
  • The Pharmacy that you prefer for your single remedies
  • The Name of the remedy
  • The Potency
  • And the Quantity

*For prescriptions dispespenced to California residents, Add $1.00. Prices subject to change.

NOTE: There is a separate shipping amount for single remedy orders as these orders are shipped directly from the pharmacy that makes them. If you want single remedies from multiple pharmacies there will be a separate shipping amount for each pharmacy.


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