Homeopathic Science and Modern Medicine by HARRIS COULTER, PhD [#COUSCI]


Harris L. Coulter Ph.D.


Laboratory and clinical research prior to 1980 is described.  Although this book is therefore dated, it still provides details and insights into early homeopathic research that is of interest to scientists, historians, and anyone who is serious about homeopathic practice.  Studies in botany, zoology, physics, pharmacology, and other fields are discussed.

From the back cover:

“Harris Coulter is the clearest contemporary writer on the subject of homeopathy. In this new book he explains the theoretical basis of homeopathic medicine in a way that makes it accessibal to patients, practitioners, and researchers alike.”

Andrew Weil, M.D., world renown author and medical educator; founder of the Program in Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona; former Research associate, Ethnopharmacology, Harvard University; President, Beneficial Plan Research Association.


“Harris Coulter is the outstanding historian of homoeopathic medicine and of the continuing disputes which have divided it from allopathic (orthodox) medicine. In this volume he marshalls theoretical speculations and experimental evidence to build the beginnings of the bridge between the two approaches. At a time when so many people continue to suffer fropm chronic illness and from the side effects of stndard drugs which sometimes do not cure them, Dr. Coulter’s pioneering efforts to present and explain ane explain a more holistic therapeutic system must be applauded.”

James S, Gordon, M.D. Research Psychiatrist, NIMH; former Chairperson of the White House Commission of Alternative and Complementary Medicine


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