This therapeutic manual is a wonderful addition to any homeopaths library. The essays of Dr. Bernoville’s original work on the liver and biliary function comes with commentary and additions Kate Birch. Dr. Bernville lays out a precise schematic of hepatic function, potency use, drainage routes and more. Kate takes this original work one step further by expounding on the passage of energy through the auxiliary systems of the body, giving more homeopathic remedy examples, and the implications towards corresponding mental and emotional states of the individual. This work serves to ground homeopathic prescriptions of the mind and emotions with the pathology in the body.

170 pages, paperback


Kate Birch served as a the Director of Free and Healthy Children International from 2011-July 2017. In 2008 Kate was introduced to Dr Isaac Golden’s work on homeoprophylaxis. Since 2009 she has made homeoprophylaxis available for children in North America and Internationally.