Homeopathy and Dream Analysis (8 CD-audios) [#ZWHIVID]


Edward C. Whitmont, MD


The late Edward C. Whitmont, MD, was the founder and former chairman of the NY Jungian Training Center, and he practiced homeopathy for over fifty years!  He authored a classic text on Jungian psychology that was published by Princeton University Press, called “The Symbolic Quest.”  He also wrote Psyche and Substance as well as The Alchemy of Healing, both of which describe the integration of homeopathic medicine and Jungian analysis.

This 2 day seminar was devoted one day to the subject of homeopathy and one day devoted to dream analysis.  Both days of full of brilliant thinking and insights.

He skillfully interweaves new physics, archetypes, and homeopathy. Remarkable, insightful, inspiring!


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