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Homeopathy for Plants: A Practical Guide for Indoor, Balcony, and Garden Plants–OUT OF STOCK


A Practical Guide for Indoor, Balcony, and Garden Plants, with tips on dosage, use, and choice of potency…by Christiane Maute


THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT. (We do not have a date of availability as of 10/24/2018.)


A handy guide to the most common plant diseases, pests and damage with information on how to treat them homeopathically. Christiane Maute is a pioneer in this field, who started treating the useful and ornamental plants in her garden with homeopathy ten years ago.

The way in which plants react to homeopathic treatment is in many cases astonishing. Ms. Maute gives the main homeopoathic remedies for all the most common diseases, such as leaf spot on roses, tomato blight, fire blight on fruit trees, aphics, leaf curl, cancer, mildew, fruit rot and sooty mould, along with problems like slug infestation and weak growth.

Treatments for the consequences of frost and hail damage, exposure to excess damp, heat and sunlight, as well as ‘wounds’ inflicted when pruning or repotting are also explained clearly,  so that any amateur gardener can use them.
Useful illustrations and brief notes are supplied for most of the diseases discussed, enabling even the novice to recognise the ailment at a glance and easily find the right remedy. The dosage and treatment method are described in detail. The book is rounded off by a short, clear materia medica giving information on each remedy.

A guide particularly suitable for amateur gardeners which is easy to follow and will quickly turn even ‘non-homeopaths’ into enthusiastic users.

This book has in fact turned out to be the most efficient ways to spread homeopathy in general. Some people would not dare to treat their dog or their husband themselves (:-) but they are curious to try homeopathy on aphids. As this often works miraculously many fall in love with homeopathy and dive deeper into the subject.


“Treating plants with homeopathy requires time and patience, but it is well worth it, as indicated by its effects: aphids literally fall from the leaves. After just a few hours there were only a few aphids remaining.”

from Demeter Rundbrief, April, 2011


“It is often said that one must believe in Homeopathy for it to work. As plants cannot do that, there must be something real at work here.”

from the article ‘Globuli für den Garten’, Country, April 2011


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