This is the FIRST book on using homeopathic doses of the human body’s own substances: hormones, neurotransmitters, vitamins, organ remedies, and nosodes.

Ton Jansen has worked tirelessly for 35 years to achieve quick, gentle and lasting cures for his patients. In this book, his third, he continues to add new remedies to reach this goal for our patients. It is an indispensable tool to achieve consistently better results in our practice.

Homeopathy must adapt to a world that is increasingly challenging our health. Ultimately, no-one can argue with clear, clinical results.

Books on Body’s Own Substances, Vitamins, Organ remedies, Nosodes and more will be published soon. These will also include an explanation of how Ton applies blood testing, and the results in his practice.

This book can be seen as the sequel to Fighting Fire with Fire. The general principles explained in Fire are applicable here too.

Materia Medica of over 55 remedies based on hormones, neurotransmitters and on food substances and additives. Of course Ton has included explanatory drawings and cases with many remedies to help you include this method in your practice.