My Journey in Homeopathy by Francis Treuherz


Before discussing the contents of this book, I feel compelled to tell you something about its magnificent author!  Francis Treuherz is a mensch of a human being (“mensch” is Yiddish for meaning a person of high integrity)…and he may be one of the rare persons who is just as super passionate about homeopathy as I am (this is Dana Ullman writing this).  Not only does he have a passion for the practice of homeopathy, but he has a very special passion for the HISTORY of homeopathy.  In fact, THIS book is full of truly fascinating stories from homeopathic history, including many stories that are not available from other sources.  Also, Francis Treuherz owns the largest private library of homeopathic books and journals in the world…and what’s more is that he also owns a wide variety of “homeopathic paraphenelia,” that is, museum-worthy statues, posters, badges, and a variety of “things” that were once owned by very famous homeopaths or homeopathic institutions.

This book also includes two articles that were published in homeopathic journals on  the history of Swedenborgian thought in homeopathy (Swedenborg was a Swedish scientist and mystic who had a great influence on leading American homeopaths in the 19th century).

This book is also full of clinical cases in which Treuherz tells you something vitally important about a rare homeopathic medicine…and why YOU should know something about it!

Ultimately, this book is a compilation of articles that Treuherz has gotten published in a wide variety of journals and publications…and all of this is “under one roof” in THIS book.

This book is ideal for skipping around and reading whatever subject intrigues you…OR it is the type of book that is fun to open randomly to any page and to read what is there!


A Selection and Compilation of the thoughts, practices, prescriptions, philosophy, materia medica, debates, lectures, articles, book reviews and humour.

What you have in your hands is a book that reflects the experience of an internationally recognized contributor to the growth of homeopathy since the 1980s. The title My Journey in Homeopathy ~Much Ado About Nothing~ reflects Fran’s sense of humour – this book is his invitation to travel through the challenges of homeopathic living and being. It is an opportunity to benefit from the observations, contemplation and meaning-making of an accomplished homeopath who nurtured the flame of homeopathy in a world continuously challenged by the very notion of its existence.

The book seems like a novel where the author is talking to us, sharing his nuances and experiences and some brilliant works done worldwide-

-One chapter ‘Getting Stoned was not Fun’ is a very interesting one where he shares his battle with kidney stones and how on taking the medicine Calculus renalis (medicine prepared from E.P Anshutz own kidney stone and how after continuing the medicine for 3 months he had not suffered from it till now. This medicine can also be used for stones of salivary gland.

– A chapter on Elizabeth W. Hubbard (a student of Pierre Schmidt and a well known American Homeopath) presents the biographical elements of the physician, such as that for 3 years she edited the magazine ‘The Homeopathic Recorder’., she made house calls in her convertible Rolls Royce. She had the privilege of being taught by Boger, Roberts, Gladwin, ML Tyler, JH Clarke and many more.

–  A chapter on ‘The Rabies Miasm’ is written who himself keeps Lyssin 200 in his first aid kit. Here Francis has shared Hahnemannian’s approach along with Tafel’s. More elightment on rabies miasm is given by Dr SP Dey’s experience while treating cases. Some rubrics from Complete Repertory regarding the miasm are also mentioned in the chapter.

Keeping up with this, the book has many other intriguing and informative chapters.

Moreover this book captures the innovation and creativity that ensured that future, in the context of the challenges many of us faced and continue to face in practicing, teaching and promoting a wonderful loving medicine. The book is a collation of interviews, articles, histories, characters, cases, remedies, practice audits, discussions and book reviews published by the author in a valuable single document. It is a unique book in the annals of homeopathic publishing, a record of part of one homeopath’s output.

You’ll unearth insights on how this inspirational and resourceful homeopath made a difference with clinics in the National Health Service and 25 years of acute and primary care telephone prescribing on the Homeopathy Helpline.

505 pages!


Francis Treuherz (MA RSHom FSHom) has been in practice since 1984. He was Member of the Board of the Society of Homeopaths for over 20 years. He currently works in London NW2 and at the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living which won the CAM 2003 prize for the best complementary and alternative health centre in the UK. He studied at the College of Homeopathy in London, and later with George Vithoulkas and also in India with Dr Jugal Kishore, Dr Diwan Harish Chand, Dr HL Chitkara, and the late Dr Prakash Vakil. Francis was a regular teacher at homeopathy schools Manchester, Helsinki, Stockholm and Prague, and a part time staffer at the University of Westminster BSc course in homeopathy. He has also lectured in Amsterdam, Dublin, Galway, San Francisco and Seattle. He was also a Trustee of the Homeopathy Action Trust for many years. He was editor of The Homeopath 1986-2003 and 2006-2010. Formerly a Board Member, Society of Homeopaths 1986-1996 and elected once again in March 2000 to the Board as Hon Secretary for 6 years. In April 2010 he was again elected to the Board of the Society of Homeopaths.