RADAR OPUS — An Overview

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Learn about and consider getting homeopathy’s newest software technology…learn about the vision, the practicality, and the manifestation of the future of homeopathic treatment


Macintosh AND Windows Native

RadarOPUS is the only homeopathic software program designed from the ground up to work on your computer. No matter which platform you use, rest assured that you’re investing in state-of-the-art technology that is native to your operating system.

One Program for Everything

A single intuitive interface for everything that a busy homeopath needs:

Repertory, Materia Medica, Patient Files… even insert your own seminar notes.

“What most impressed me about RadarOPUS, is the ease of finding information by using the beautiful thesaurus in a graphic, dynamic, mind-map format, and the search function, making it easy to locate information often scattered in diverse literature. Oh, and it runs natively on my Mac! And it’s beautiful!”
— Will Taylor, MD, after the LIGA Congress preview

— RadarOPUS is ALL the essentials —  combined in a single homeopathic software program.

Watch an introductory video:

Watch an introductory video:

Synthesis 2010

Why settle for second-best?
Synthesis 2010 – the world’s largest, most reliable and comprehensive homeopathic database – is available exclusively with RadarOPUS! Now expanded with new provings and remedies….

Synthesis 2010 and RadarOPUS combine in an open and flexible platform where you choose how much – or how little – of the new information you include in your program.

Open, Inclusive and Flexible Software

RadarOPUS incorporates the best in both Classical and Modern homeopathic thinking. It’s an open platform, where you decide what’s right for you, your patients, and your practice.

Families? Of course! Kingdoms, Vermeulen, Scholten, Sankaran, Shore, Sherr, De Schepper… our menu of homeopathic families is growing faster than we can count.

What Makes RadarOpus Unique?

One Program, One Search over all resources: Repertory, Materia Medica, Patient Files, Personal Notes

With RadarOpus there’s nothing to export, import, copy, or paste; no switching back and forth from one program to another. Simply type a word or phrase, click, and your RadarOpus program returns a list of results from your preferred list of sources!

  • Native Mac and PC versions

  • Synthesis Repertory & the unique Veterinary Synthesis

  • Back & Forward buttons; history recall

  • Multiple simultaneous repertory views

  • Unlimited clipboards allow simultaneous analyses

  • Built-in Internet browser

And there’s even more!

  • One-click screenshot for sharing and archiving

  • Full book-marking and hyper-linking

  • Language tools include automatic translation

  • Live updates with certified information

  • Integrated distance-learning center

Even further dynamic features of RadarOpus are under development.

These will be delivered via LIVE UPDATE as soon as they become available.

RadarOPUS — The indispensable tool for your homeopathic practice.

Helping you manage, assimilate, and apply today’s homeopathic information to your primary task:


Online Video Tutorials

Learning to use RadarOPUS is easy… and getting easier. Once you purchase RADAR OPUS, you will be given FREE access to various online instructional videos and online webinars!

First Time Buyers — Save up to 25% during our Introductory Sale!

Order now and receive a limited trial* of the full RadarOpus library (846 books) and all available modules.

Modules for RadarOpus are in development and will be delivered automatically as soon as they become available. This includes Vithoulkas Expert System, Herscu, Luc De Schepper, Boenninghausen, Vakil, and Jeremy Sherr’s Casetaker.

* Trial books and modules will expire at the end of 2011

Shipping and Handling:
$15 for shipment to the US & $50 for shipment to Canada
Learn more

Note: Your license for RadarOpus is personal and non-transferable.

Phone Orders: 510-649-0294
Business Hours, Pacific Time

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
You may return software for a refund within 30 days.*

* Call Homeopathic Educational Services for a Return Authorization (RA) number and instructions.
A 15% restocking fee applies; shipping and handling charges are not refundable.
We do not offer refunds for upgrades to existing software.

Technical Requirements

  • Cable or DSL Internet connection

  • 1 Gb Ram, recommended 2 Gb or more

  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels — recommended 1280 x 1024 or higher

  • 30 Gb free space

  • 1 USB port 1.1/2.0 or higher (5V – 60 mA)

  • DVD Rom drive

Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7 32 or 64 bits, updated with the latest service packs; NTFS file system
1.6 Ghz processor (Athlon®, Intel®, Atom®), recommended Dual Core 2.0 Ghz or faster

Macintosh OS X 10.5.4 (Leopard); recommended Snow Leopard or higher 1.5 Ghz Intel based Mac — recommended 2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo or faster

1 review for RADAR OPUS — An Overview

  1. Subhash Chandra Gupta

    Sorting is done unimaginingly fast. Results are unimaginely fast
    During editing a symptom, the position of the editing symptom remain before the eyes, i.e. unmoved at the same place, i.e. the symptom clipboard does not go to the beginning as happened in Radar10, so the results of edited symptom on repertorization are instantly visible.
    Repertories and encyclopedia of homoeopathic literature are given at a single place, no need to open two separate softwares, search are simultaneously done both in repertories and all other books of homoeopathic literature. So it is very easy to have a look in repertories & encyclopedia of homeopathic books in a window simultaneously at the same time.
    Though there are some problems, neglecting those, it may be said the best Homeopathic software of the World and a good investment.
    Price of Add-on packages should be lowered.

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