Repertory of the Elements by JAN SCHOLTEN MD [#SCHREP]


Jan Scholten, MD


The Repertory of the Elements shows the information form the books of Jan Scholten “Homeopathy and Minerals” and “Homeopathy and the Elements“, combined with numerous additions from later discoveries. It’s a very valuable source of information to find the information in these books. Furthermore it’s a good tool to learn the way of thinking of the “Element Theory”. It helps you to differentiate between the stages and series by showing the different nuances of them.

This repertory has some special features. Most of the entries are families instead of remedies. For instance the rubric “Homesick” has “the phosphoricums” as an entry instead of “phos”. It helps you to think in families, which gives you a wider range of applying homeopathy. The second is the arrangement of the rubrics. It’s done on the most informative concept, for instance “mother” instead of “delusion”.

Included are some articles on the theoretical background of repertories and suymptoms. The concept of Basic Symptoms makes makes the structure of symptoms clear and understandable. And the retrievel of symptoms more efficient.

15000 rubrics
40000 entries
350 pages
Hard cover Quotes about Element Theory:
“With the element theory it was as if someone turned on the light.”

“I almost stopped doing homeopathy until I came across this theory that lead me to have pleasure again in homeopathy.”

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